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The Best Real Estate Providers Of 800 Numbers

Using 1 800 numbers or toll free numbers as a real estate hotline can be a 24-7 prospector, creating massive growth in your business.

Call capture systems can generate hundreds of homebuyer and seller leads ... 500%-700% more than traditional advertising.

Why do so many prospects call the toll free numbers?

Offering recorded information removes a prospect's sales resistance.
According to a Gallop Poll by the Direct Marketing Association, 83% of the American public would prefer to call for recorded information before talking to a salesperson. That means four out five people in your market would prefer recorded information.

Look for companies that offer services that include call capture, call tracking, Fax-on-Demand and multiple line technology, which means numerous callers can access your 800 numbers and your sales message at the same time. You don’t lose your prospects to a busy signal. All call capture numbers are active 24x7 from any phone in Canada or the United States.

Proquest Technologies, Inc

Gary Elwood, President of Proquest Technologies has provided numerous real estate marketing tips on this site. He understands real estate marketing better than most. His real estate hotline service is one of the best for our industry.

There is a one-time activation fee which covers the set-up of your hotline service. Also, with this special offer you get their exclusive "New Rules" Real Estate Marketing Course™ along with three extra free bonuses.

The total package has over 200 pages of marketing material, a cassette explaining how to strategically use the service, along with over 50 different ads, letters, follow up letters, and "free educational reports."

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Excalibur Communications

Excalibur Call Capture has introduced a revolutionary turn-key system that enables real estate agents and loan officers the ability to capture and control the Seller, Purchaser, Builder and F.S.B.O. markets.

Their system is easy to employ using a unique and personal toll-free telephone number, programmed with their proprietary call capture technology. You can be up and running in minutes!

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blue star  800 numbers also known as a call capture system is one of the easiest to use real estate marketing tools.

FYI ...

Call capture technology is an excellent compliment to the Getting Listings and Finding Buyers systems.

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