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Article Marketing For Realtors - Answering Three Questions

Article marketing is actually a type of online advertising where real estate agents and/or their companies write short articles related to their real estate market in order to increase their business credibility and attract new clients.

By simply producing a number of well written, quality articles on a regular basis, syndicating them to numerous article directories and subsequently having them published on multiple websites and other people's blogs, a content writer can expect more potential free traffic and more clicks. It is a less costly way of advertising, especially if you have the knack for writing and you are going to create your own materials.

There are billions of web pages together with millions more currently being generated every day. Every single one of them must have something valuable to say - some high-quality written content to attract targeted visitors. The Internet is crying out for quality content.

So what exactly is the function of article marketing? Is it as easy as they are saying and what kind of returns would you expect? Significant concerns, however I'll go ahead and do my best to answer them as comprehensively as I can.

Exactly What Does Traditional Article Marketing Include?

Article marketing may be as straight forward as writing a number of home buying related articles to use on your own business blog or real estate website. Assuming you've ever written a blog post that ran to a bit more than a few hundred words, you've done it already. That's good, as far as it goes, but why go to all that effort and hard work at writing something to merely put it to use a single time? The strategy for getting the most value for your content writing efforts is leverage.

Article marketing is focused on leveraging the time and effort you have put into creating a content article in the first place, then making the most of it as possible. Getting your articles published on other people's websites may seem odd, but in practice it can be quite effective.

The deal is that once they make use of your "free article" they agree to displaying a brief ad below it commonly referred to as your resource box or bio box. This author's resource box should feature a hyperlink back to a website, service, or product offering that you select.

Keep the resource box to no more than two to three sentences. Each and every article you write might only generate a small number of clicks, however, get enough of them out there working for you, and you will likely build up a steady supply of free traffic.

Is Article Marketing as Easy as They Say?

For a lot of people, writing articles is incredibly easy, but for some it could be a nightmare. Fortunately, like most other skills, you will have to learn about advertising online. The more you practice article writing, the easier it gets to turn into an outstanding content copy writer. The secret is to determine what kind of content articles are the easiest for you to compose.

The first objective for real estate Internet marketers should be to make their own websites and website pages authorities for particular real estate keywords to ensure search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing deliver them elevated search engine rankings and consequently direct a lot more free, immediate, targeted traffic.

Extensive 'keyword research' is the way you can unearth hundreds of keywords and phrases to most effectively focus on. Write your article using a strong keyword list for your projected local audience and specialized real estate niche.

Article Marketing: Keyword Research Is Actually An Easy Process:

There are a few excellent keyword research programs available that not only get the keywords for you but will also carry out a wide range of assessments to help you measure out the best. The best programs also have even more functions to provide a lot more information that marketing experts require.

Two of top rated programs available right now are Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder. Both make use of Google as their data bank, however both of them include extra features for making the keyword researchers' life simpler and easier.

To illustrate, both applications help you filter the typically long lists of keywords they provide to make certain you direct your attention on the very best ones. However they each go further and assist you with a myriad of supplemental functions that could otherwise take a lot of time to accomplish. For example, one extra function lets you instantly come across domain names based on the keywords you've uncovered that are available for sale.

Article Marketing: Keyword Research - Uncovering the Words Targeted People Use.

Search engine optimized articles, including the way the page content has been compiled, seems to count more these days than it had in earlier times. For instance, a webpage that is primarily about home staging should certainly include natural appearing words that will accentuate that key phrase - key phrases like 'staging a house to sell', 'home improvement projects', 'staging a home to sell', and so on. Acceptable keyword density for most article directories is between 2% to 3% of the article. More than 3% is generally considered keyword stuffing and unacceptable.

For a keyword that has very little competition, good on-page search engine optimization (SEO) is often all you need to get a good ranking. However, in the real world many of the keywords we would like to create pages about, and get traffic for, will have competition, and often there are actually hundreds of thousands of other websites competing for that very top spot in search rankings.

With on-page search engine optimization, the goal should be to build your web page as irresistible to the various search engines as possible, addressing the majority of elements that seem to be important. Most of these elements are generally elements that give a web page acceptance and credence while generally have nothing to do with the appearance and feel of the site.

Article Marketing: Commonly Accepted Article Structure, Composition And Format

The most accepted article structure and format for beginners are how-to and tips articles. Both types start out by identifying a commonly asked question, such as 'How To Buy Your First Home In Chicago' or 'Why Your Kids Should Buy A Condo' and provides a response. (Attention grabbing, catchy article titles using a relevant keyword phrase is vital!)

The 'how-to' format can be quite straight forward. The article would probably start with a sentence or two that expands on the problem, proceed to four or five paragraphs that will explains the solution and finishes with a paragraph that sums up both the question and best solution.

To create a 'tips article', however, you would first look for 3 or 5 solutions and then, you'd produce a separate paragraph - possibly as bullet points - for each and every tip. For example, 'Five Real Estate Tips from Warren Buffett'. Your intro and final paragraphs should be very much like the how-to ones.

Once you've completed your real estate article (allow for any where from one to two hours for each one until you get more proficient) your primary assignment will then be to get it in as many article directories as you can. You can write and submit manually, however it will require time and effort, so I might strongly recommend employing one of the numerous article submission companies who will do the job for you.

Article Submissions & Distribution is Straight Forward

You can find hundreds of article directories available online who will be very happy to post your work . EzineArticles is perhaps one of the best article directories sites however there are many more that you can use. On the whole, article distribution sites offer two advantages for article marketers: they are a central resource for website builders to visit, to find content material, plus they are also rather quickly listed in serps (search engine results pages), giving you backlinks even if no one else makes use of your article.

The majority of top article directories will insist you submit unique articles. Once you've completed your article, simply modify the text to create unique versions for each directory. Submitting articles to a lot of the directories is often boring and time intensive, however you can start looking at article submission software programs or perhaps an article submission service.

Take note of the word count of your article. Some submission sites will accept 300 or so words for articles, but most sites prefer 500 to 550 minimum word count. Read the rules thoroughly so that you won't get banned from any of those useful article directories.

If you are just starting out, submit your real estate article here and I will review it for submission to this site.

What Kind of Returns Can Article Marketers Count On?

The answer to this question depends on how much effort you are willing to put into this form of marketing and advertising. Frankly, if all you do is write one real estate related article a month and submit it to only one or two directories, your results for a lot of direct traffic and more click throughs to your websites will be very very poor.

To summarize, article marketing works. It is a very valuable part of internet marketing and advertising that can bring exceptional results for anyone who has the resolve and the ability as a copywriter, to build a large body of work online.

As already mentioned, it is unlikely that any individual article will make much impact on its own, however 200 or more dispersed over the internet, could bring backlinks and potential article traffic with a steady flow of real estate leads that once begun, is almost impossible to turn off.

Syndicating content will be the single most important factor that causes your online real estate marketing to succeed in the coming years. Writing articles and marketing these articles will have to play an important role for your real estate internet marketing to thrive.

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