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How To Become A Real Estate Agent

People who wish to become a real estate agent all start at the same point.

Big dreams, along with the hope that real estate will be the career for them.

Real estate agents are required to be licensed before conducting any business.

Online training is available in most states to complete your pre-license requirements.

These pre-license requirements include:
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • At least 19 years old
  • Complete a minimum approved course
  • Be administered a proctored exam
  • Pass a state exam

The training you will get during a real estate course includes:

  • Understanding property basics
  • Ownership transfer
  • Real estate law
  • Math
  • Understanding contracts
  • Escrow

State approved courses after 6 months of initial licensing is usually required as well.

After you have completed real estate education requirements and become a real estate agent with a license, there will be ongoing continuing education requirements. The usual minimum is 15 hours or so every 2 years with more or less depending on your state.

Your "real training" is on-the-job. With most sales professions, your success or failure in the business is based on your professional habits, salesmanship and the eagerness to learn more on your own. The most successful real estate agents are the ones that have developed skills not learned through any state required real estate training course or exam.

Discipline, eagerness to learn, strong people skills, and salesmanship are the main reasons why real estate agents are successful. Do your own "real estate training" and go above and beyond the requirements.

Read books on not only real estate courses, but from successful agents who can show you how to make money. The country is filled with real estate brokers who breezed through the required training courses and exam, but never "made it" in real estate because of their lack of personality, drive and commitment to the business itself.

Customers looking to buy or sell a property want a person who is trust worthy, easy to speak to and accessible.

Real estate agents who connect with their customers effectively, know when to push for a sale, and show the best service are the ones who not only make money on more sales, but receive referrals from happy customers. This is the part of real estate training that must be developed by you. Take the time to do some reading and speaking to the best people in your company and the industry.

A real estate career can be a wonderful and rewarding career. Training "by the books" is the first step. Training in the "real world" will be the steps you will take for the remainder of your career, and hopefully that staircase leads you to the promised land of great success!

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