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Personal Branding Strategies For Real Estate Agents

Branding is an ongoing subject for all businesses looking to grow.

Let's face it; whatever can help your real estate business expand and give it a boost should be used. Most businesses are into public relations in some form or another.

They want to look good to the public; have a good public image that will connect them to their would be customers in a positive way. Branding is just one part of PR.

If you think about it, you'll recognize that big corporations and businesses do it all the time. They choose a face that becomes a front or point person for the business. The person gets up front and personal with the general public in as many ways as possible.

They give interviews on TV and for magazines about a variety of things, not just about their business. They are the ones who give out the checks that are donated to charity. They are seen to look good and people then associate that with the company. Watch for it next time you have the television on and see how they present themselves.

For example, RE/MAX is continuously branding the franchise as the exclusive real estate sponsor to the Children's Miracle Network; an international non-profit organization, which consists of 170 children's hospitals providing state of the art, life-saving care.

By actively supporting Children's Miracle Network hospitals, RE/MAX and it's agents have found a most effective way to save the lives of children throughout North America and establish an emotional connection with their customers and the public in general.

Personal Branding!

So can you do this with your business and will it help? The answer is yes, to both. You may not be able to give large donations to charity, but you can do other charitable works. You may not get on national television, but you can get into your local newspaper. Remember, if you work for yourself, you are the public face of your business. What do you want the public to see?

It's okay if they see you competing in your favorite sport as long as you are a good sport. That will make you personal to them. It doesn't even matter if you win or lose the competition. What you need to do is let people see that you have a heart.

You care about things just like they do. You are passionate about things other than your business, just like they are. They will empathize with you when they see you are a 'real' human being, not just someone out to make as much money as they can.

Personal branding is not all about how they see you, although 'image' and attractive packaging does play a big part in the process of showing your company to everyone in a positive manner. It's more about an emotional connection between your service and your customer. Social networks have been skyrocketing some agents to real estate stardom.

A real estate business is made up of people. They do things for and with other people. It's the personal touch that matters in any business and that is what can help your business to the top or send it crashing. Consider branding your real estate websites!

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