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Business Ideas: How to Grab the Attention of More Clients in Real Life

The internet is awash with business ideas and tips on how to market to your potential clients online, but how exactly, in a world that’s so heavily focused on the internet, are you supposed to grab the attention of more clients offline, away from the clutches and comforts of an online environment.

When it comes to performing real world sales nowadays, many companies fall towards the tried-and-tested methods of cold calling for clients. Though this certainly works to a degree, in reality cold-calling isn’t perfect, and in most cases it’s not something you’re going to want to spend too much time doing if at all possible.

In this respect, you have three main avenues to pursue when trying your best to grab the attention of more clients in an offline environment. Though you should, of course, continue marketing to individuals online, as your online and real life clients are (for the most part) different people, anybody you pick up from offline sales and marketing will be an added bonus.

Local, Personal Meetings

The people you’re going to attract toward your business in real life are those people looking for the personal touch that they just don’t get in an online environment.

It’s for this reason that local, personal meetings work so well with these individuals. Whether they choose to meet with you at their offices, or you find an affordable office to let in their city to conduct a number of meetings from, this is a personal, intimate meeting in which you can ask them about their needs and concerns and you can see if you can help them with any of your products or services.

Direct Mail

There are numerous different types of direct mail including:

- Mailshots
- Flyers
- Letters
- Brochures and Pamphlets

Each different piece of direct mail serves a purpose, but from a purely results-orientated point of view it’s the direct marketing letter that will do the best job of attracting the attention of more clients in real life, as these letters are much more likely to be read (rather than instantly thrown away) as they look more personal and inviting, and in some cases aren’t even clearly an advertisement.

It should be noted that copywriting for direct mail is an art form, and therefore if you plan on spending the money on a campaign you must get a professional on board to work alongside you, as simply writing up a letter yourself will, in most cases, result in a significant loss.

Local Newspaper Advertisements

This is an area in which you’ll have to experiment in greatly; which is why it’s a good idea to simply pay for a couple of weeks to begin with (if they’re weekly local papers), followed by bulk buying advertisements going forward if they’re working well for you.

As with the previous example here, it’s also a good idea to get a copywriter on board, as they’ll be able to write the perfect advertisements for you (focusing on direct marketing methods) to get people to phone you or visit your website. When you advertise in these newspapers week in, week out, you’ll also benefit from regular readers regularly seeing your name and logo, meaning they’re much more likely to remember you, rather than your competition, when they eventually do require your product or services.

In conclusion, grabbing the attention of more clients in real life is very different to grabbing their attention online, with (for the most part) these clients being very different people. Three ways in which you can attempt to market and sell to them offline include through local, personal meetings, direct mail, and local newspaper advertisements.

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Established in 1989, Regus is the largest global provider of serviced offices ( and business solutions.

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