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Contact Management System Review

Realtors need systems to run their real estate businesses today. A contact management system would be a good start.

You simply cannot 'wing it' anymore.

An uncomplicated contact management software can help an agent take control over their real estate business AND develop the high quality client relationships that guarantee growing levels of referrals and repeat business.

This means that a real estate agent can pull prospects and provide complete customer service to them wherever the agent might be and whenever the clients may call.

Conventional contact manager software generally have steep learning curves, some requiring weeks if not months of training to fully implement their systems. Most agents end up using only 10% to 20% of the capabilities of these other conventional contact management systems.

I have used a few of them myself and in all honesty, have never used all the bells and whistles each provides. (That may likely be due to the fact that I haven't taken the time for the continuous and lengthy training that is required to figure out what's there and how it all works.)

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Designed specifically for Realtors, IXACT Contact makes it possible to build lasting relationships with past clients, hot prospects and all referral sources by making it easy to maintain their full profiles and also by automatically prompting you when it's time to get in touch. Customer relationship management (crm) couldn't be easier.

You certainly don't want or need another software program, another address book or another email. Ideally, you want to leverage all of those tools with one system that integrates them with your contact database. IXACT Contact is actually a web-based contact management system that is quite user friendly, uncomplicated and amazingly simple to master.

Realtors can convert more:

  leads into appointements

  more appointments into contracts

  more contracts into closings

  and get more referrals throughout the entire process.

  Rinse and repeat.

Required Contact Management Functions

You get the tools you need at your fingertips to:

Create detailed contact profiles designed and tailored for your real estate market and business.

Keep track of important information, facts and conversations.

Communicate with your contacts in the ideal way, at the appropriate time.

Create and manage client events along the lines of seminars and client appreciation parties.

Send personalized mass emails and letters to your entire database - or only to specific groups.

Create a Business Directory that gets your clients calling you between transactions.

Manage all the details and important milestones of all your listings and buyer/seller prospects.

Generate valuable Reports at the push of a button.

Individuals and teams requiring the ability to access the database simultaneously can share just one account saving a lot of money.

And since it's a web-based software solution:

  There is no software to set up and maintain on your computer,

  Your contact information and details are always stored safely and backed up securely.

  You have access to your information anytime, anywhere.

Using a BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, cell phone, droid or other mobile computing device?

IXACT Contact Wireless Synchronization automatically updates your contact information, Calendar and Task List so you always have access to the most current information whether working at your office or on the road meeting clients. You don't have to plug anything in... it's all done wirelessly. You can learn more here.

Want to try it out? Use the full version of IXACT Contact FREE for 5 weeks by clicking here.

Your no-risk FREE Trial includes free and unlimited phone and email support. Their friendly Customer Support Reps will gladly provide you with a "guided tour" of the system, help you to upload your data, or set up wireless sync for your BlackBerry or iPhone.

There are very few investments you will ever make as a Realtor, guaranteed to have such a positive impact on the long-term success of your business as the implementation of an effective contact management system. Begin right now. Request your IXACT Contact 5-week FREE Trial.

In all, it certainly seems like IXACT Contact will add an interesting new twist to the contact management debate, which to-date has primarily involved AgentOffice® and Top Producer.

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