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Each transaction has dozens of details, and you can't and dare not forget any of them. Contact management software can be your career saver.

When you start out in real estate sales and you have only one transaction, you may be able to do it all. But when you have multiple transactions pending, it can be difficult to keep track of every date and deadline. Not to mention the prospects that you need to cultivate an ongoing relationship with ...

When I started the search for contact management software, a few years ago, I found dozens of products and received almost as many recommendations from Realtors. Each was using and suggesting one contact management software or another. However, each also detailed the drawbacks they felt their system had. Actually, the list of drawbacks was really a "wish list" of features.

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I consider myself somewhat technology challenged, so I wanted something that could do it all, whatever 'ALL' was. I soon realized that what I wanted and needed was a System ... a contact management software system that was developed for real estate agents and not complicated.

My Personal Favorite Contact Management System!

Here's what it does:
It guides me through the details of each day. (No, I didn't have to marry it...)

It reminds me:

red arrow of every call to make. (Amazes my clients with my 'memory' by maintaining an instantly accessible file for each contact.)

red arrow of every person to see

red arrow of houses to show

red arrow of closings to prepare

red arrow of letters, brochures or e-mails to send

red arrow It helps boost sales and productivity

red arrow It helps prepare CMA’s

red arrow It helps create customers for life.

Working with a Team is not a problem either. It is web-based for each team user access, so everyone is working with the latest data while you are in or out of the office.

You have access via the Internet to the latest comparable properties — whether you’re working at the office or your home, in your car or in your client’s living room.

Ixact Contact makes it easy to offer an exceptional level of service.

As I said earlier, this suite of tools was made for Agents.

As well as being:

  • A Contact Manager
  • Activity Planner
  • Scheduler
  • Listings Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Provides a Monthly e-Newsletter for your clients!
  • With wireless sync, you’re always up to date!
  • Automatically pull website leads into your real estate CRM database and get email alerts
  • Easily sync with your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone device
  • Total Support. If you need help, your IXACT Contact subscription includes unlimited phone and email support.
  • This Contact Management Software is simply superior to the rest!
    Compare with:

    red arrowTop Producer

    red arrowOutlook

    red arrowAgentOffice 10

    Did I mention Ixact Contact also has a library of professionally written letter templates, a feature allowing you to quickly and easily send mail merged letters and labels or envelopes?

    My Recommendation:

    Go to IxactContact and try it out... (free)!

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