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Discovering That Perfect Corporate Gift Idea!

When searching for that perfect corporate gift idea, stop and ask yourself WHY you’re giving gifts in the first place.

The primary function of corporate gifts should be to provide a means of thanking clients for their business or thanking support staff and team members for all their hard work.

Gifts to clients, particularly gifts that will last for a substantial amount of time and be able to be used on a repeated basis, will ensure that your customers will be reminded of your real estate services on a frequent basis.

Corporate Gift Idea: Promotional Gifts Are Powerful Marketing Tools

Corporate gifts are included in the customer service category of your business. When providing corporate gifts for customers and prospects, many companies opt for small, useful items that are emblazoned with the company logo. By giving such items, it is possible to obtain repeat business, new business and new business through referrals, as the company logo remains present in the minds of those who receive the gift.

Promotional gifts are a great way to ensure that you will be the company people call when a real estate service is required. Studies have shown that these types of personalized corporate gifts are an excellent means of increasing response rates, and of improving the profile of your company. Thus corporate gifts will also serve as powerful marketing tools.

Corporate Gift Idea: A Personalized Corporate Gift

Corporate gifts should show some degree of personalization, so choose the gift with the recipients in mind. When selecting the types of corporate gifts to give to employees or clientele, be sure you think about what they might enjoy or use. Select items that will be relevant to their working or home lives, rather than items they may never use.

Giving thought to the selection of the gift will ensure it is well received. Stick with a simple, thoughtful gift, as opposed to an overly expensive, ostentatious gift as this will only serve to mask the meaning of the gift. Ensure you maintain a standard costing for your corporate gifts.

It is imperative to ensure a thoughtful and personalized corporate gift is given, as gift giving in the wrong way, may result in alienating or upsetting clients, jeopardizing future business or diminishing respect amongst work colleagues.

There are many different items that are suited to be used as corporate gifts; alternatively there are other forms of gifts, such as hosting a meal in a restaurant. The type of gift you provide should be well planned, with plenty of thought going into the initial decision of what to provide. The appropriateness of each form of gift will vary according to company policies, office location (ie; country,state or province) as well as the cultural backgrounds of the recipients.

Corporate Gift Idea: Gift Etiquette

What is the desired response from the recipient of your corporate gift? Common reasons for sending gifts out are:

  • To thank customers for their business and thus ensure their loyalty and repeat business.
  • To build rapport with customers or business associates.
  • To enhance the image of your company in the community.
  • To optimize staff morale and decrease staff turnover.
  • To congratulate loyal customers, employees and associates on any important achievements.
  • As a means of expressing sorrow or condolences in certain situations.

The following options will help you in deciding who you will send corporate gifts to:

checkmarkLong term clients: Long term clients should receive corporate gifts (especially for significant holidays and events) to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and to obtain repeat business from the client. Providing customers with a corporate gift will also increase chances of new business through referrals.

checkmarkIndividuals or companies who provide frequent referrals: Many companies obtain new business via referrals. If you receive significant amounts of business due to referrals from particular companies or individuals, ensure you send these companies or individuals a corporate gift to thank them for their contributions and support to your business, and to ensure the referral of clients to you will continue.

checkmarkImmediate support staff and colleagues: For all the staff members that work directly with you or under you, a corporate gift provides an excellent token for showing appreciation for their dedication and hard work. It is also an excellent means of building staff morale to ensure the amount of dedication and hard work is continued. Gifts for these members of the staff should be functional, yet elegant, provide a personalized touch and show that thought has been put into the present they have received.

Corporate Gift Idea: Gift Giving Etiquette

If you are opting to provide a gift with your company logo on it, ensure the logo is small and tasteful. If the logo is too large, the gift will only appear as a form of advertising and will not portray the intended message. Blatant advertising on a gift may be seen as tacky or even offensive in some cultures and will certainly diminish the desired response to the gift.

Avoid giving business gifts that touch or are applied to the skin, such as perfumes or lotions (this is particularly true for gifts to women); there is such thing as a gift that is too personal, and it may result in some form of office controversy. To avoid such a situation, it is generally ideal to opt for a present that is suitable for either a male or a female.

checkmarkBe sure to send a card or label with your gift, to ensure the recipient knows who the gift is from.

Think of the corporate gift as an investment in your company, so ensure you select a gift that is useful and will be remembered. Keep in mind the fact that the corporate gift may serve to increase customer satisfaction, thus resulting in their repeat business and the possibility of increased referrals to your business. A corporate gift is also an excellent means of increasing staff morale to ensure staff will work as efficiently an effectively as possible.

If you are giving perishable items, such as food, ensure you include some non perishable items as well. Perishable items will only last a matter of days, after which they will be forgotten. Non-perishable items will last a significant amount of time and will ensure the recipient is continuously reminded of your thoughtfulness. This will increase customer loyalty and satisfaction in your business, will increase chances of repeat business and will hopefully result in new business through increased referrals from other clients and associates. (This has been mentioned before, but bears repeating.)

Remember, quality is more important than quantity. A single, elegant item will be much more appreciated than a whole array of cheap goods that do not work.

Corporate Gift Idea: When To Give Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are no longer only given on holidays! In fact, corporate gifts can be given at any time during the year, and for any number of reasons.

Corporate Gift Idea: Different Gifts For Different Cultures

The rules of giving a corporate gift will vary depending on the culture of the recipient. While a gift may be viewed as a pleasant gesture in some cultures, in others, it may be viewed as a bribe.

It is therefore very important that you are familiar with the customs and cultures of the people with which you are dealing. This will avoid any disturbances or insults caused by an inappropriate present.

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