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CRM - Why It's Important For Generating Real Estate Business

CRM or customer relationship management software, with Internet capabilities is a necessary tool for managing customers in any business. Real estate agents or companies will have bought the CRM software to help keep track of prospects and customers along with all their needs, in an efficient way.

No customer will want to deal with someone who constantly forgets his needs, appointments, or anything else about him. That will make him feel of no importance. And when you have lots of customers, you will find it impossible to keep all their details in your head.

Bad Filing System

You can transfer the details to a notebook, of course. Then you end up running out of space on that page, so you have to continue on another page that is further along because the next one is filled with details about another customer. So in the end your notebook is a scribbled mess that no one can understand - not even you. You lose phone numbers, miss appointments and forget the details of the sale. Not good for business.

CRM Software - Benefits For Agents, Teams And Real Estate Brokerages

There is a much better way and the name of it is customer relationship management software. Today, there are many CRM software applications that are suitable for either an agent working alone, a Team or a brokerage. They make keeping track of all those details an absolute breeze. It's like having a robotic secretary that never forgets a thing and never forgets to remind you about it. When it comes to customer relationship management, it's time to forget the inefficiency of paper and go to CRM technology for your needs.

The right kind of customer relationship management software will enable you to do more in less time, thus increasing output. All facets of the real estate business, from sales and marketing, to accounts and advertising, can use it. It will help the marketing department identify and clarify their goals and objectives. Those people who are most likely to be the best prospects are identified and targeted. All the information can be sent to those in your team, saving time and avoiding mistakes.

A large real estate business will become more streamlined in their existing processes, with improvements seen in accounts, telesales, sales and marketing to name just a few. All real estate agents as well as Teams will benefit by being able to match their client's needs with the appropriate properties in a timely and hassle-free manner. Many happy customers mean thriving businesses.

Have You Already Got Customer Relationship Management Software?

It's that thing on the computer that is used for a calendar or phone book. Then learn to use it in the way that it should be used. CRM software is a powerful tool if used properly. You can keep and update the entire history of a customer or a lead. It's right there in front of you with the click of your mouse. You'll never be so organized. You can create reminders about deadlines and when you need to make that important phone call. These will pop up automatically, then with the click of your mouse, you can open up all the pertinent information about that client or lead.

Keeping Track of Your CRM


You can send an email to the customer with another click. Or get this: you can click on the phone icon and the customer's number will be dialed automatically. The time of the phone call will be logged automatically. The crm software automatically keeps a record of the emails and the times they were sent. What else can it do? You can print mailing labels, log faxes and keep simple records. How good is that?

Customer Relationship Management Software Costs

Do you think it's pricey? Not really. What's a lost deal worth to you? Buy the one that is suitable for your needs. You'll save money by freeing up your time to be used elsewhere.

If you are considering customer relationship management software, there are some pertinent questions to ask. You need to know what kind of technical support is offered and what help in maximizing business results are offered. Finding out if communication will be proactive is imperative, while knowing all about updates, templates, forums and best practices will help to seamlessly integrate the software.

Of course, also determine if the actual cost of the customer relationship management software is justified and which service provider should be used.

A real estate business cannot function without customers. People talk about how they've been treated by a certain agent or business. Other people ask "Who's the best Realtor or company to deal with?" If your customer is a happy one, they will refer you. CRM will help you to keep your customers happy.

IXACT Contact™ is a customer relationship management software that is lot simpler to use than most other systems. I love the way it handles addresses, maintains full contact profiles and provides automatic prompts when it's time to get in touch. It’s so much easier than anything I've used before.

Try It Before Spending!

IXACT Contact™ offers a FREE 5 week trial to try any or all of the great features. (If needed, their customer support is quick, friendly and terrific!)


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