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Is Your Direct Mail Marketing Profitable?

The Key is the "Personal Touch"

A Realtor tip sent in to us on Direct Mail Marketing...

An agent of ours who mails over 300 prospects every month explains how she creates the personal touch:

"My contact manager mail merges a nice personal letter to each one of my prospects. Then I have my niece hand address each envelope.

She then signs my name, folds, stuffs, seals, and stamps each envelope with a first class stamp.

I pay her 15 cents per complete mailer. She makes a little money and I save myself a ton of time. Plus the mailers have a real nice personal appearance."

The keys to the "personal touch" are:

checkmark Always mail merge the prospects name into your letter.

checkmark Never, ever, ever, use mailing labels! Itís cold and impersonal!

checkmark Either print envelopes or have someone hand-address them for 5-7 cents each.

checkmark Sign every letter, pay someone 3-5 cents to sign them for you, or laser print your signature with a good enough laser printer that you canít tell itís printed.

checkmark Use a live first-class stamp. Donít meter or bulk mail.

You can pay people to put together mailings for you and you should be able to get them completely done and mailed for about 50-60 cents a mailer. Also there are companies that will do the direct mail job from start to finish for a little bit more, generally about 70-75 cents per mailer.

Again, if you are going to prepare the mailings youíll need a good word processor and contact manager. With these programs you can "personalize" literally thousands of letters and prepare them with little to no time spent.

And thatís the key - little to no time spent!

You need to develop ways of getting things like this done without exhausting your time. Your time at its highest level is worth $300-$500 an hour.

By developing systems for getting the $7-$8 an hour work done, you can spend the majority of your time creating strategies for getting face-to-face with more good quality prospects.

My very best to you in your business building. Until next time...

Warmest regards,

Gary Elwood
Gary Elwood

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