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Generation X
Bridging the Age Groups will BOOST your Business!

Generation X is defined as those people between 30 and 44 years of age.

Knowing how different generations approach the world can affect your bottom line.

"Most people make a mistake in thinking that everyone views the world just like they do," says Cam Marston, "but it's not true. Depending on which generation you belong to, your wants and needs can be completely different."

Understanding the differences between generations and then using that knowledge in your business can create customers for life.

Here are a few observations and a profile for Generation X prospects/clients.

Their views and attitudes may look like this:

  • Driven by individuality.
  • "Seize the day" worldview. They think three to five years ahead at the most.
  • Cynical.
  • Pessimistic.
  • Taught to always question authority.
  • Have no shared heroes. Heroes are a parent, grandparent or a coach - someone who they've tested and retested.
  • Prove-it-to-me attitude.
  • The most loyal of all generations. They find people they can trust and they stay close, but they'll run you through the ringer in the process.
  • Generation X clients look for short-term solutions.
  • They don't buy, they stalk. They gather a lot of information before buying.
  • They want to be involved. They use technology to double check everything.
  • Value their time above relationships.
  • Are in a position to buy and keep on buying.
  • Murphy's Law exists for this group. They're always looking for a Plan B.

How to work with Generation X clients:

  • You, by doing what you do, are an authority. They were taught to question all authority so be ready to answer a lot of questions.
  • List everything you have to offer them. All your service options, everything.
  • Have a pocketful of references from other Gen X'ers ready to give them.
  • Be prepared to answer "What have you done lately?" You and your company's history are not important.
  • Provide short-term solutions. Use dialogues such as, "We can have this done by the end of the day."
  • Provide backup plans. If something doesn't work out, have a plan B and C ready, and let your clients know what these are.
  • Involve Generation X clients in the sales process. Give them the information you have and help them double-check your findings.
  • Your marketing should sell the steak (not the sizzle). Tell them what it is, what it does and what it's for. No fluff, just the facts.
  • Be prepared to answer the question "why" a lot. This is not an attack on your credibility; it's how they were taught.
  • No hard sales.
  • Either enjoy, or appear to enjoy, your work. Have fun.
  • Create an e-mail list for this group and e-mail them neighborhood statistics and deals on homes in neighborhoods they might want to move to. Personalize these e-mails and then give your Generation X clients the choice to opt out.
  • Prove that your service can give them back their time.

Barney Johnson, is the Broker of Record for Re/Max Crossroads Realty Inc. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can always contact Barney at

View more of Barney's observations on the Generation X and Millennial age group of potential buyers here.

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