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Absolutely Awesome Hotline Marketing Materials!

This collection of hotline marketing materials is absolutely awesome! Here are some highlights. They're broken up into five different categories: Listing Strategies, Buyer Strategies, "Killer" Customer Service, Fundamentals of Marketing, and The Perfect Follow Up System.

Listing Strategies To Implement With Your Hotline Service:

  • 7 fail-safe steps to create a constant stream of new listing clients!
  • How to focus like a laser and attract a more profitable listing clientele.
  • 6 keys to identifying sellers before your competitor has the slightest clue.
  • 11 mistakes most agents make with free reports and how you can exploit this incredibly powerful inventory building tool.
  • Completely stress-free method for listing tons of FSBOs.
  • How to develop an extraordinary Unique Selling Proposition or USP.
  • How to hit the bull's eye with Move Up prospects (an absolute gold mine!).

Buyer Strategies To Implement With Your Hotline:

  • Easy 5-step system to target renters and turn transactions every month.
  • 6 ways to improve your buyer ads, postcards, newsletters or mailers.
  • 2-step classified ad technique for attracting buyer after buyer!
  • 10 guaranteed ways to increase the number of qualified buyers you reach.
  • The most important part of every buyer ad, postcard, or mailer you write.
  • Time tested words and phrases that bring buyers to your door.
  • Proven formula for "real estate niche" marketing to the high end buyer.

Your Real Estate Hotline And ..."Killer" Customer Service

  • The best way to eliminate your #1 complaint, "we never hear from our agent."
  • How to have the perfect "employee" for sweat-shop rates of $2-$3 a day.
  • Simple, super-quick, and easy method of making unqualified buyers a referral source worth thousands of dollars to your bottom line.
  • "Customer service" techniques guaranteed to generate tons of referrals.
  • How to use your real estate response hotline as a customer service workhorse - saving you as much as 5-10 hours a week!
  • Use info-on-demand to update your most demanding clients effortlessly.

Fundamentals of Marketing With The Hotline:

  • How to slash all your marketing costs by 30%-50% instantly!
  • Simple classified ad produces 3, 5 even 10 or more new listings per month!
  • How to guarantee your ads get seen, looked at, and you get the call.
  • The real reason people choose to buy anything - the secret truth long known by master salesmen, sociologists, and "con men" finally revealed.
  • Slash your average time on the market by 27%... regardless of your market!
  • Classified ads that have highly qualified prospects calling you.
  • How to create direct mail that is powerful, impactful, and profitable.
  • How to get 1600% greater respond with a simple headline change!

The Perfect Follow Up System To Complement Your Hotline System

  • Exact word-for-word sample scripts that have prospects opening up to you.
  • Simple 6-stage follow up method so easy and natural anyone could do it!
  • 5 sure-fire follow up formulas for every potential type of prospect.
  • How to put yourself in the "perfect frame of mind" for follow up.
  • The real reason prospects respond to your follow up.
  • Carefully worded phrases guaranteed to increase response to your follow up.
  • How to offer info prospects are craving... and maximize your response.
  • How to write follow up letters that make prospects want to work with you.

The above strategies and techniques are the most forward-thinking, aggressive, bottom-line business building concepts for this technology available virtually anywhere in the real estate industry. And the follow up scripts and materials are beyond belief!

After having done this for some time now you know that follow up is where it all happens.

This is where the rubber meets the road and our package gives you a six month follow up action plan for every type of prospect you could possibly generate. It has follow up letters, postcards, phone scripts... you name it!

So, itís time! Honestly, donít you think itís time to get everything you can from your real estate hotline? To produce less than is possible because youíve got an inferior service is truly shameful when you know thereís a better alternative!

My suggestion...

Within 48 hours we can have your new real estate hotline up and running, your new marketing materials in your hands, and your database growing every day with accurate names and addresses!

Weíre talking about a higher quality service that will help you create more transactions every month!

Iím very anxious to serve you and your business building needs! I look forward to hearing from you... and as always I remain respectfully and appreciatively...

Yours for a more profitable real estate business!

Warm regards,
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Gary Elwood
Proquest Technologies, Inc

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