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It is definitely worth reviewing some fundamental guidelines to increase traffic and improve search engine ranking for your real estate websites. Statistical data suggests that less than 3% of real estate agents have a profitable website. The top 1% of real estate websites capture the largest portion of the online market. With that in mind, here are twelve tips to improve your internet marketing efforts in order to capture an increased share of potential prospects.

Remember, its a numbers game and agents should be marketers first and real estate agents second.

1. Build a web site featuring useful subject material as well as expert services. Quality information and a pleasant tone, will help to increase traffic to your site over time.

2. Do some keyword research to find the ideal keyword phrases to target your primary real estate niche that can increase traffic and attract prospective customers.

3. Fit your primary keyword or phrase as well as your secondary keyword or key phrase in the first twenty five words on your webpage article and then distribute both of these key phrases consistently through the text of the article. Use local search words in your content as well.

4. A little search engine optimization (seo) will help increase traffic to your website. Put the keyword terms and phrases into the appropriate META tags areas as well as in the web content. For example, Title, META tags, Headlines and sub-headlines. The meta tag is used by search engines allowing them to more accurately list your site in their specific indexes.

What can I include in a meta tag?

There are several meta tags however, the major META tags that you can use are:

* {title} The title of your page. The primary keyword or keyword phrase should be included here.{/title}

* {meta name="description" content="a description of your page"}

  • Depending on the search engine, this will be displayed along with the title of your page in an index. "content" could be a word, sentence or even paragraph to describe your page. Keep this reasonably short, concise and to the point.
  • * {meta name="keywords" content="a list of your keywords"}

  • Choose whatever keywords or keyword phrases you think are appropriate, separated by commas. So, if you had a page on foreclosures, you might want to include keywords such as "foreclosure homes,bank foreclosures,investment properties" and so on. Try to keep to no more than five keywords or phrases to a page.
  • 5. Make sure that your website design and style is user-friendly so your site visitors are able to find their way around effortlessly between site pages, locate what they really want and get solutions.

    6. Submit your web content copy, that is every webpage and not simply the home page, to the biggest search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing as well as website directory sites. Bring in help to complete the task, if necessary. Always make sure this is a manual submission. You should never use an automated submission service or software. Once you've submitted your domain to the major search engines and directories, register at social networking sites like Facebook. Social media outlets are an excellent source to increase traffic. Create a presence and develop an audience there.

    7. Monitor adjustments to internet search engine algorithms and procedures and then appropriately adjust your webpages so that your search engine results and positioning continues to improve. Making use of online applications and resources such as Google Analytics to keep track of exactly how your site is performing including daily traffic volumes. Website statistics are easy to get and important to measure.

    8. Don't be intimidated by competition. Keep an eye on your competition as well as the popularity of top rated websites to discover what they're doing right in the techniques of design, navigation, articles, key terms and phrases, etc. Use Compare the Alexa traffic rank of your site with your competitor's sites. Alexa is not the definitive source of site stats but is a good place to start.

    9. Make full use of reports and records of activity from your web host to find out where you get your traffic from. Evaluate your site visitor location as well as their incoming channels be it Google and Bing or backlinks from a variety of other sites as well as the key terms and phrases they used in order to arrive at your site. Measuring your traffic data, reports and statistics will help to determine what you need to do to increase traffic to your website that is free.

    10. Be sure that visitors to a web page on your site find it easy to navigate and offer them information in lots of ways in order to remember you. Set up and deliver newsletters, free reports and publications etc.. If you have blogs, post often. You may advertise a recent listing as well as an overview of current market conditions, average house prices or a new trend in mortgage financing terms.

    11. Reveal your real estate services and expertise through article marketing for your real estate website as well as for article directories so that you will be perceived as an expert in your particular local marketplace. Article directories also provide one way links back to your site which will increase traffic and help improve traffic rankings.

    12. When in doubt, definitely use the services of experts. Even though it could appear expensive, it's a lot less costly than spending your cash on tools and a site that nobody comes to visit.

    Important P.S To Increase Traffic To Your Sites

    Never view your real estate website as being a stationary sales brochure. Treat it as an effective compelling, ever-changing real estate marketing tool with the same importance as your real business office, to which your potential customers visit.

    checkmarkHere is one of the best "one stop shop" checklists you can imagine for promoting your local business website. You won't find any magic pills here and nothing to buy, just solid fundamental things you can do (often free or low cost) onsite or offsite to increase traffic to your real estate websites.

    When I came across this I printed it out and began going thru it in earnest. I do a lot of these things for my businesses already but a few were totally new to me. Trust me, if you have a website or two, you'll want to bookmark this great resource and refer back to it often!


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    ~ Jim Collins

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