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We're well aware that Internet real estate marketing is here to stay ... like it or not. I offer a few observations here, that may encourage you to pay more attention to your Internet real estate marketing and real estate websites in general.

Even though the internet is one of the most valuable sources of information, the trustworthiness of the internet is declining.

Two major studies were recently conducted that found 73% of people use the Internet to gather information, but discovered that finding reliable information could take a long time.

One of the studies conducted by Nielsen NetRatings stated that their Global Internet Average Usage Index indicated:

blue arrow The average person visits 60 - 66 domains per month and reads/visits 1,268 webpages per month. The average person also tends to rely on the sites they can trust to help them.

If trust on the Internet is declining, then it stands to reason that there is definite value in focusing your internet real estate marketing on the quality of your website(s). Creating content on your real estate website that can be trusted by your visitors is definitely the direction to follow.

How do you make your real estate websites the trusted sites? How do you inspire trust in your website visitors?

The answer is really very simple: – make your website content trustworthy! Speak the truth and speak/write from your heart.

Here are a few steps you can take to put you on the road to a trustworthy website and improve your internet real estate marketing efforts:

checkmark Always include your contact details.
This includes an email address, phone numbers, fax numbers, and address. Without this information, you’ll look like a fly-by-night operation or a less than honorable business person.

checkmark Get Personal.
Include a page of copy about the people who work with you. You don’t need to say much – just provide a little history. Talk about their work history, career highlights, education and qualifications, etc... And it never hurts to include a little personal information as well. Let your visitors know who you are.

checkmark If You Know It ... Show It!
It’s not enough that you know what you’re talking about. Your website visitors/readers have to know you know it!

This normally means including some information that potential customers will recognize as expertise. (Always check your facts before publishing.) If possible, include statistics or some other form of research results.

checkmark You Can Talk The Talk,... Be Sure You Walk The Talk!
Validate your claims by including testimonials from some satisfied customers. (Be sure the testimonials are real and verifiable!)

checkmark Offer quality, free original content.
It's important to give your visitors information they can't find anywhere else. If you're the only source, they'll visit your site.

checkmark Avoid advertorial type website content.
Make your point and make it quickly. Don't insult your visitors intelligence by repeating the same point over and over. You’ll appear more interested in yourself than the real estate solution you’re offering a potential customer.

checkmark Avoid Hard-Sell Web Content.
Again, don't insult their intelligence. Hard-sell copy gives the appearance you are more interested in the sale than the real estate solution. Create a sense of urgency, but don't over do it.

checkmark Talk Benefits Not Features!
When you talk features, you’re talking about your service ... you're talking about You. When you talk benefits, you're showing an interest in what the customer wants and needs. Engaging your site visitor by discussing benefits is a crucial key to real estate marketing online.

Some of you may be reading this and wondering: "How am I going to do all this ... I don't know how to write for a website. And, I wouldn't know where to start!"

Or, you may think this is totally unrelated to you, because you bought a site with the content already included on each page and believe that is all that is required in your internet real estate marketing efforts.

If your real estate website isn't generating a constant stream of business ... you're leaving a lot of money on the table... for your competitors!

How do you write compelling content for your real estate website?

By creating more trustworthy content, your real estate internet marketing results will improve.

checkmark Test and improve your content copy.
If your site has the cookie-cutter content and information the service provider supplied, you have not set yourself apart or established credibility.
There are many people who write content and never change it. Make sure you are getting the highest possible response rate from this part of your Internet real estate marketing strategy.

checkmark I highly recommend you look at a complete suite of website building tools that PROVES success. No other company on the net does that...and I'm sure they would if they could. This could be the most effective solution to your internet real estate marketing success.

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