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Keys To Success

Tips For Developing Your Real Estate Career

There are a few keys to success, which if followed, can lead to a long and prosperous real estate career.

Build Relationships: It's Who You Know That Counts!

The most important objective of any personal marketing plan is to establish, build and nurture trust in relationships. It will cost you less and net you more to spend time, energy, and money on past clients and your sphere of influence.

Remain Focused: Give Them One Good Reason To Remember You And Only You!

Unlike elephants, people don't remember. In the absence of experience, most people can only remember one thing about a service or individual. Remember: More is Less. Everything is nothing. The more you ask people to remember...the less they will remember you at all.

What does that mean in your personal marketing plan?

Find the one thing that makes you memorable and focus on that one thing!

Make Your Message Meaningful. Satisfy A Need.

Today people are bombarded with messages. When they hear or see something of interest or relevance, they pay attention. "What's in it for me?" is a question you should be able to answer right away.

What does this mean in your real estate marketing efforts?

Personalize it. The more friendly, personable, and approachable you are, the more the message will be read, remembered and valued. When it is needed or wanted, it will be there to be received at the appropriate time.

Frequency is Valuable. Make Contact At Least 6 Times or Don't Do It At All

The average person needs to see or hear a message 3 to 5 times before they can remember it. Putting out a message is NOT the same as your customer seeing or hearing it. Remember, people have short memories.

What does this mean in your personal marketing efforts?

Never sacrifice frequency. If you can't afford frequency to a wide audience, narrow your focus until you can. If your message is meaningful and you want it remembered, use it again and again!

Build Trust. Do This By Being Consistent Over Time

Without Trust, there is no relationship.
Without Consistency, there is no Trust.
Without Consistency, there is no Frequency.

Trust is a cumulative process.
If it doesn't look the same, it isn't.

What does this mean in your real estate marketing plan?

Don't be afraid to piggy-back on the identity and reputation of the Company you work for. They have already invested a lot to create a reputable image in your market place. They have established their keys to success along with guidelines for career growth. Just remember, to be consistent in 'Your Look' and over time, you will build a trust in your real estate expertise with your clients.

Invest Judiciously: Play The Percentages.

Focus your energy and dollars where you'll get the greatest return.

Evaluate your market niche; select your target audience.
Evaluate yourself and your strengths.
Determine your audiences' needs and how you can fill that need.
Select the best way to communicate that message to that audience.

What does this mean in your personal marketing efforts?

Reach a focused few who know you...where the odds of success are high...with good frequency to maintain awareness.

These keys to success are excellent guidelines in establishing a real estate career to last a lifetime.

If you have additional "Keys To Success", that you feel could be included, let us know.

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checkmarkA Realtor's Action Plan sets the wheels of progress and success in motion. It answers the question: What have I scheduled to do today, tomorrow, next week and next month to achieve success?

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