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Why You Have to Think Like a Prospector

Why would we suggest that with lead generation, you have to think like a prospector?

First, what does a prospector think about? Gold, gold and more gold! He gets out on the site and looks at it critically to see where the best gold may be located. Everything he does is aimed towards getting this gold.

While each task is special in itself, it is still aimed at the one end result, getting out the gold and making it useable. He digs, he carries and he patiently washes what he digs to separate the gold from the gravel.

So why should a real estate agent think like this? He is not digging for gold, is he? Yes, in a manner of speaking, he is. Selling real estate is his gold. That is where he gets his profit. So everything he does should be aimed at generating real estate leads.

He needs to get out on the site. Where is that? Wherever real estate deals may be had - wherever people are likely to be buying and selling their homes. Only the real estate agent is not confined to just one site like the prospector may be. His area can encompass farmland, cities or rural villages.

With lead generation, he needs to carry. Carry what? Not loads of gravel, but information. The Realtor needs to have all his information in a place where he can access it easily or he will lose some of his potential gold. He needs to know where a good lead might be, who is buying or selling, what the market is like and a host of other information.

Real Estate Leads

Just as the prospector needs to pan, or wash the gold to separate it from the gravel, so the Realtor must learn how to separate his information. Some of the leads generated are likely to bring him a profit and some leads that are not. Some of these leads may just need time to incubate, others may need immediate action to reap the reward. The real estate agent needs to know which is which.

The real estate agent needs to be just as patient as the prospector. Just as a prospector has to learn by trial and error where the best gold is, so there is an element of trial and error in the craft of knowing which leads are likely to bring profit and which are not.

A prospector needs to carefully examine his haul so that small pieces of gold are not missed. So a real estate agent needs to examine his lead generation carefully to see which ones are ready for action as well as which leads he may have missed or over looked.

The following are all lead generating tools. Although many agents tend to stick to one or two methods for generating leads, there are many options and multiple streams of leads is an obvious choice.

Some tools for generating leads include:

  • real estate websites
  • direct mail marketing, (real estate postcards, newsletters, etc..)
  • referral based marketing
  • classified ads
  • email marketing
  • automated call capture systems (hotlines)
(There are many more tips and suggestions for real estate prospecting here.)

Whether your leads come from online or offline sources, the goal is to create a lead generation plan or a series of systems that will supply you with an endless stream of prospects looking for a fantastic real estate agent...(that's you!), who will provide all the information, answers and services to their realty questions and situations.

Before the advent of the Internet, lead generation systems and methods brought now business. That is, they were focused on finding buyers and sellers who wanted to do business NOW... or at least within the next month or two.

What Do Your Real Estate Leads Want?

With the internet deeply entrenched in our lives today, prospective clients are looking for information, and lots of it, long before they intend to buy or sell. Their effective decision time could be as much as six months to a year after they actually make contact with you.

The key to dealing with these 'long-tail' prospects, - (buying or selling in 3 to 12 months) is having a system that provides them with quality information that streams out to them consistently and regularly to ensure that you are their information supply source and you are their real estate expert.

There are dozens of lead generation systems available, however, there is a very inexpensive one that stands out. If you found a leads generation system that could locate all the 'long-tail listing leads' - (selling within 3 to 12 months) in your target market, would you want to know about it? I thought you might. I must warn you up front: This complete listing lead generation system requires you to make a committment. That committment to yourself and your business is to be consistent and follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.

The Prospecting Success Trio!

The Prospecting Success Trio
Together, these three programs give YOU the Secrets you need to SOLVE the Hardest Parts in the Real Estate Sales Process.

The Is Gold!

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