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How Effective Is Your Listing Presentation?

How effective are you face to face with your clients on a listing presentation? Do you get the signature quickly and efficiently at your desired price? What do you really sound like to your clients?

These are all valid questions regarding your presentation. Do you know of any sports team that doesn't watch film of itself and its opponents? Athletic teams and individuals are constantly evaluating their performance by viewing videotape of the game.

Have you ever videotaped your presentation? If you want to be truly professional, you need to take the step to record your presentation, at least on audiocassette tape.

Make the commitment to tape your listing presentations.

Buy a small cassette recorder. Buy one that uses regular-size cassettes so that you can listen to the tapes in your car.

Prepare a statement to inform your clients why you are taping the conversation and how it benefits them.

Example: Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I am taping our conversation today for two reasons. The first is to help my team members and I follow through on each and every thing we discuss regarding your desires and our commitments to you regarding the sale of your home.

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The second is that I am constantly working to improve my skill in selling real estate, just as a golf professional at the top of his game continues to study his swing. My speaking and selling skills are like my golf swing. By working to be the best, I become even better able to serve you, my client.

Listen to the tapes! This is truly the most difficult part. For some of you it will be one of the most painful experiences you have had in some time. The value to your career, however, will be immeasurable. You will find out a lot of things that you are doing right.

You will find out a few things that you are doing wrong. By listening to the tapes you will increase your confidence because you will know what your strengths are. You will build stronger rapport with your clients because you will know the areas in which you need improvement.

The tape will also reveal where you are wasting time in your presentation. The listing presentation can almost always be more effective if done in less time. No matter how good you are at the presentation, you will find that you talk too much and don’t ask enough questions.

Evaluate yourself. The key is to ask questions:

What are two or three things I did well?

Did I listen to my client’s concerns?

How much time did I talk?

How much time did my client talk?

Did I stay on track during the listing presentation?

What is one area I could improve on?

What did my client get most excited about?

What steps do I need to take to stay on track better?

Give the tape to a mentor or associate who will to listen to and review it. Ask for an honest evaluation. Tell your reviewer what to evaluate. Receive the feedback and make the adjustments that are necessary.

It takes a courageous person to tape presentations and review them. There is always a difference between the truth and our perception of the truth. It takes courage to look the truth in the eye and to look for ways to improve.

The old saying that says we always make three presentations is a valid one. The first presentation is the one we make on the way to the appointment. Then there is the actual one that counts.

Finally, we make the best one on the way home, when we replay the presentation and get a chance to answer the questions we missed and to make the best responses. If you tape your presentations, soon your best ones will be made in the moment that counts - in front of the client. ~ Dirk Zeller - Real Estate Champions Training and Coaching at its Best!

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