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Powerful Listing Presentation Tips And Random Observations

Having an organized approach to your listing presentation will not only make them easier, but also create confidence in your abilities.

Some steps, ideas and solutions for creating highly effective listing presentations:

More Prospects = More Confidence:
It's easy to be confident when your pipeline is full of prospects.

Come from a Place of Service:
"How can I help you?" is the basic question you are looking to address.

Listen, Listen Carefully:
The presentation is NOT about YOU. Hear what your prospect is saying.

In a listing presentation, your job is to help your prospects discover what they need and want. If your service can help them meet their needs and wants, then working together may be the solution.

Questions & Answers:
A key in an effective presentation is to know that your sellers have the answers. It's your job to ask the right questions so they can make the right decisions relative to their situation during the presentation.

checkmark What are their expectations?

checkmark What are their concerns?

checkmark Whatís important to them?

checkmark How they will recognize a solution?

checkmark What information do they need to make a decision?

Your Approach:

When making a listing presentation you have to ask yourself: "Do I want to 'sell' the sellers or do I want them to choose me as the best agent to handle the job?"

Make yourself into a desirable - in demand commodity.

Donít sell until the prospect gives you permission to tell them what you can do for them!

Be Willing to Help:

"Work with the Willing" has been a motto for many top producers.

The ideal client profile is:

          Blue Arrow  Someone who needs help.

          Blue Arrow  Someone who wants help.

          Blue Arrow  Someone who is willing to let you help them.

Pick Your Clients:

If you have set a standard for doing business, are you prepared to walk away from sellers and their business if they don't meet your standards? That's a tough question if you don't have a pipeline full of prospects. Here is an excellent way to fill your pipeline with prospects and leads.

Some great questions you may want to ask the sellers before or during your listing presentation:

1. What are the three most important things you are looking for in a Realtor?

2. How will you determine if someone meets those criteria before you actually start working with them?

3. Are there any circumstances or conditions that would make you willing to list your home today?

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