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Listing Tips 1:

Why Asking This Question Will Politely Crush Any Competitor Who Is Raising the Home Price Just to Get the Listing!

(Here is one of our listing tips that can certainly help you succeed!)

When competing for a listing, the last thing you want to sound like is an angry spinster. That's why simply pointing out to the seller that "Mike is just giving you that price because he wants you to give him the listing. He doesn't care about you. He just wants your commission." is not a good idea.

Actually, it's ugly.

Say this instead: "Why do you think an agent would tell you your home is worth more than it really is worth?"

After the seller has seen the comps that don't substantiate the high price, his wheels start turning.

"Maybe he's trying to get me to give him the listing."

Then nail the coffin shut...

"And what's your opinion of any agent who would tell you your property is worth more than it is just to try to get the listing?"

...and shovel dirt on his box.

Gary Elwood

Gary Elwood
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