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Listing Tips 2:

The Pure Magic of Direct-Response Ads...and How To Use Them to Effortlessly Build Your Listing Inventory.

How would you like to have a list of 200-300 prospects that each month, when you mailed them a letter, you got anywhere from 6 to 7 of them to list with you?
Sound impossible?
Well, it’s not!

One of our agents in Texas explains it like this,
"I advertise an offer for a free educational report called, ‘How to Sell Your Home Quickly and for More Money’. It works really well when I run it right along with my listings in the homes magazine. Here’s why...

The caller who requests the report is obviously thinking about selling. It may not be today or even next month, but I put them in my database and I can mail them a letter once a month to stay in touch.

My database is growing. I now have nearly 300 prospects who’ve requested reports in the last eight months, and each month I mail all of them a letter. Generally I will get 8-12 calls, 7-8 appointments and I close over 90% of them with the listing presentation you showed me."

The steps to our agent’s success:

  1. Run your free report ads along with your listings in your homes magazines or newspaper.
  2. Understand this strategy is a longer-term strategy that takes a little time.
  3. Build your database of prospects.
  4. Mail them the follow-up materials (included in your course materials) every month.
  5. Send a voice broadcast follow up each month until your 90 day window under the DNC rules expires.

If you’ll do this, you will have effectively shut-out competition and have what Jack Trout, author of "Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind," refers to as "complete mind-share": when that prospect thinks real estate, the first and only name that comes to mind is yours!

Gary Elwood

Gary Elwood
Proquest Technologies®
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No "hype" or BS just hard-core real estate marketing tools that will send your bottom line through the roof.

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