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Listing Tips 4:

The Two Most Common Real Estate Closing Myths...and How To Avoid Getting Burned By Them.

The only thing certain with real estate is that it changes. The industry turns over more than half of it's new members every year, legislation churns out industry-transforming laws and people's habits evolve.

The Success Trio

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If you could master lead generation, convert and commit those leads to an appointment, deliver a dynamic listing presentation, and then use these secrets to convert and commit the buyer every time... You'll have all the pieces you need to solve the great success puzzle in the real estate sales process.

This last one is important: a century ago, people responded to the hard sell pressure. There wasn't much consumer choice, so the benefits of what was being sold eclipsed the pressure. But today, people are sensitive to messages and pitches that are softer, sophisticated and consumer-centered...and their likely to ignore or reject you if you push them too hard.

With that said, here are two myths that are lingering in the air and creating confusion for the rookie and veteran alike.

Myth 1 ... If they donít say Ďyesí now, your job is to find out why, solve the problem and close.

Instead of bringing out the big guns and trying to pressure a close, this is a great time to regroup and ask more questions.

If you had thought everything was in line for them to make a decision and they arenít ready, you have obviously missed something.

Plus, if a person who takes a long time to make a decision tells you they want to "think about it" and you don't give them a little space to do that - they will probably never do business with you.

But let me warn you: don't give them too much space. Five or ten minutes should be plenty. Never let them sleep on it. It maybe the last time you ever see them.

Myth 2 ... Asking for the order is being pushy or manipulative. Whether you are working with a homebuyer whose been renting for the last 8 years or a homeseller who lost their job, it is usually in their best interest to make a decision to move forward...and itís your job to help them do that. Follow these steps:

Summarize the facts and ask them if they are ready.

Paint a picture of the rewards they will experience when they move forward.

Remind them of the pain they will experience if they consider not doing anything.

Ask them what it will take for them to move forward and then honor their needs.

Itís easy for the prospect to say "yes" to you, if... youíve earned their trust, discovered their fears and built up their confidence that you have the solution to their problem.

If this is the case, you donít need manipulation or fancy objection handlers: all you need to do is simply ask for the order.

Gary Elwood

Gary Elwood
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