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From the cradle to the grave, motivational speakers influence our lives. Some, with great wisdom will influence many aspects of our daily lives. Hopefully their influence on our lives is for the better but sometimes it is not.

It is easy to feel lost when setting out on the real estate career path but you don't have to feel alone. Many have walked this road before you and offer their experiences, their wisdom and advice.

Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor were two motivational speakers that had a significant possitive impact on me. Today, we call them coaches and real estate mentors as well as motivational keynote speakers.

You can attend seminars and listen to dozens of motivational speakers.

You can read all the books you want on motivation, goal setting, wealth building and how to be a better _______________(you fill in the blank).

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You can find motivational quotes etc. that touch a chord in your soul at that moment.

But... unless the words sink in, unless you fully understand their meaning and are inspired to act on them, they will be valueless. That's one reason why it is important to listen to many motivational speakers as well as read books by many different authors.

Though they may be saying the same things, the words of one will resonate with you, while the other's are soon forgotten.

Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Mark Victor Hansen, Steven Covey, Earl Nightingale, and Dale Carnegie are just a few motivational speakers and authors who's wisdom may impact you and your career. Some of their inspirational quotes could alter your pattern of thinking and inspire you to be a better person, parent, friend and Realtor.

My first encounter(to my recollection) with some of these speakers/coaches was when I attended a seminar in Toronto many, many years ago with the motivational keynote speaker being Brian Tracy. I followed up by reading and listening to all of the material he covered in the seminar. (no videos or cd's in those days)

When Bob Proctor first presented his "You Were Born Rich" Seminar in Toronto, I attended. "Wow"! I bought the Born Rich Learning System, watching and studying over and over.

From there I was introduced to the works of Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins, Mark Victor Hansen, Steven Covey, Earl Nightingale, and Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Dr.Wayne Dyer.

These motivational speakers - authors may not have the same affect on you that they have on me. But you won't go wrong reading some of their books, or listening to and watching some of their tapes and video cd's.

Should you uncover only one transformational thought - one inspirational idea to act on, then your time and money will have been well spent and you will become a better person for it. I do believe however, that over time and review, you will have acquired much more than a few inspirational quotes or motivational ideas.

You will have acquired mechanisms for a successful life.

These motivational speakers through their coaching, mentoring, inspirational philosophies and example have helped thousands turn failing careers into positive, productive successes.

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You will want to take the opportunity to attend one of their seminars or speaking engagements, or at the very least review and order some of their wisdom online.

Carpe Diem! Seize The Day! and Just DO It!

The Psychology of Selling

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quote openPeople often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing-that's why we recommend it daily.quote close

~ Zig Ziglar

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