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New Referral Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

by Brenda Panin

Unlike many areas of sales, where the majority of clients seek out the service, real estate sales agents must actively seek out new clients. Regardless of current market conditions, to earn the coveted six-figure income real estate agents have to create a comprehensive plan to attract new business.

Timed tested and battle proven, referral marketing, also known as word-of-mouth, is arguably the most effective marketing strategy for real estate agents. Based on the concept that customers will trust someone they already know over a slick-looking advertisement, referral marketing relies on building and maintaining relationships.

With the advent of social networks and the most successful businesses having a strong online presence, there are many new angles for referral marketing ideas for real estate agents in the most developed countries, such as the United States, Australia and Great Britain.

Develop an Online Presence

Most real estate agencies have their own company website, but the National Association of Realtors in the U.S. reports that less than 10 percent of all real estate agents have their own personal website.

According to a survey conducted by the NAR, trustworthiness is ranked as the number-one criteria by buyers when selecting a real estate agent. For most home buyers the internet is the first, and often the only stop when looking for a home or selecting a real estate agent, and if an agent doesn’t have their own website clients often assume, correctly or not, that the agent is not very well established.

Social media for business purposes is a potentially huge and often overlooked referral marketing tool. Surveys from marketing specialist Syncapse shows that social media users are over 40 percent more likely to recommend someone they know through their social network to family and friends.

Often when social media is used for business it is added as an afterthought to a personal social media page. The NAR says real estate agents should have a separate business account where they focus solely on promoting their professional image.

When creating a website or social media page attention to detail must be adhered to.

• Agents should post only high-quality professional photos of both themselves and available properties.
• When conducting an online search customers most often look for positive reviews, so agents should contact past clients to ask for reviews and testimonials to be posted on their website.
• Link the website to all social media accounts, and vice-versa.

Agents should print new business cards listing the web address and all social media accounts and send them out to all current contacts.

Customer Service

Customer service has become a lost art, especially after the sale has been made. However, making the effort to call a client to see how things are working out and if there is anything the client needs goes a long way in building good will. Keeping customers happy after a sale is perhaps one of the best ways of all to inspire clients to speak well of the agent and get the referrals coming in.

Authors Bio: Brenda Panin is a real estate agent and a guest blogger representing Saltwater apartments in Birtinya. She loves to write about real estate, home improvement and new home decoration trends.

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