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6 Creative Ways to Advertise an Open House

Is an open house part of your advertising marketing plan for your real estate listings?

New home sales are up! In November 2011, the sales of new, single family homes, according to the US Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, were up 9.8% above what they were in November 2010. If you're struggling to get in on the action by selling new or older homes, an open house can be a good way to do it. Here are a few creative ways to advertise your open house, get more visitors, and boost your chances of successfully selling that house.

1. Social Media

Don't miss out on the power of social media. By creating social media marketing campaigns for your open house through Twitter, Facebook, and your blog, you'll get the word out to more people than you ever thought possible. You could even host a contest centered around your Facebook page that will entice people to "Like" your page so that they'll get information about open houses and other real estate events you're hosting. You could, for instance, give your Facebook fans a chance to win a restaurant gift card in exchange for liking or commenting on a post.

2. Newspaper Ads

While online advertisements are cheap or even free, you still shouldn't miss out on the old-fashioned newspaper classified ad. This was once the primary way to advertise for open houses, but many Realtors have fallen away from using newspaper ads for their open houses any more. Many potential homeowners, though, browse local newspapers in search of home listings, so this is still a good bet when advertising for your open house.

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Open House: The Way to Get Face-to-Face with Prospects!

3. Personalized Invitations

Don't just stick flyers in the neighbors' mailboxes. Instead, have the homeowner help you create personalized invitations for the neighbors. You could even host a special pre-open-house hour for people who live in or near the neighborhood. You never know when one of the neighbors is going to have a relative or friend interested in moving to the area!

4. Craigslist Ads

Advertising on Craigslist is simple, and it's free. A few days before your open house, put in an advertisement in the housing section of your local Craigslist ads.

5. Decorative Signs

Instead of just relying on regular directional signs to get people to your open house, think outside the box to create open house signs that will really catch the attention of drivers. This could be as simple as attaching balloons to your signs, but you could also use pinwheels or other eye-catching devices that will make your open house advertisement signs more noticeable.

6. Play Dress Up

One of the more effective ways to advertise an open house is with a dressed-up person on the roadside holding up a sign or handing out flyers. People in costume always attract attention, and, although you would have to pay for this small service, it could be a good way to get people in the door at your open house.

What if you don't have a lot of financial resources on hand to pay for an open house advertisement? There are several different possibilities for funding your open house advertising marketing. One great option is to get a small business loan, which is particularly helpful if you're just starting your real estate business. Another option is to get a small business credit card, which is better for cash flow problems when you know you'll be able to pay off the credit quickly. Either of these options can be great for a small business owner looking to put some more effort and money into real estate advertising and marketing.

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