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PLR Articles -
A New Best Friend Or Worst Nightmare?

This article examines plr articles (private label rights articles) as a potential preferred source of useful information to use in your own real estate websites and blogs.  I refer to a possible ideal source because it's essential to know how to use PLR appropriately.

Fresh new content is a necessity a variety of reasons.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have no interest in ranking poor quality or duplicated webpages and blogs that don't provide worthwhile information or resources. Website owners and site builders are finding it gradually more challenging to generate a continuous stream of decent content for themselves. Real estate agents may find this process even more difficult as they carry out their daily business of listing and selling real estate along with managing and marketing their websites.

Writing articles is a challenge for many people. However, with limited time and the odds that regardless of how excited you are about your real estate career, you'll soon run out of things to talk about, it then becomes almost impossible.

What Is Authority?

  • Is this article written by an expert or enthusiast who knows the topic well, or is it more shallow in nature?
  • Does the article provide original unique content or information, unique reporting, original research, or a unique analysis?
  • Does the page provide substantial value when compared to other pages in the search results?
  • Does the article detail both sides of a story?
  • Is the site a recognized authority on its topic?
  • Is this the sort of page a user would want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend?

Obviously, if your site is in a real estate niche market that you really don't have personal knowledge or enthusiasm about, writing fresh content material may be absolutely impossible for you.

Search Engines Want Authority!

Amit Singhal the head of Google Search recently made a statement about the Google Farmer/Panda update.  He announced that online businesses need to ask themselves a few questions regarding the content on their web sites. One question he asked was: "Does the site have duplicate, overlapping, or redundant articles on the same or similar topics with slightly different keyword variations?"

The necessity for on topic, well written material is escalating.  The search engines have generally confirmed this and are now, more than ever before, looking to de-list sites they consider to be lacking authority.

With the new changes that Google announced recently, it will be easier for them to weed out what they consider to be junk websites that use inferior PLR content.

What Is PLR?

PLR is short for private label rights and describes the licence you acquire for making use of the products once you've decided to buy them.

Private label articles, or PLR articles as they are generally referred to, are incredibly budget friendly, yet are capable of completely transforming your Internet website marketing and web-site building.

Unlike other ways of buying 'information', there is no copyright on PLR so you are free to change them, rewrite them, repurpose them, even put your name on and claim authorship.

The extended usage rights are a very compelling advantage therefore making PLR one of the most undervalued and under rated champions of marketing on the internet. Few people have actually fully understood exactly how many different ways PLR products can be utilized.

A Case Of Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware!

You will often see packages online with thousands of articles for sale for peanuts. 10,000 articles for $10 is not unusual! Avoid them! The articles in these packages are almost all junk. They have been around for many years, been used to death and more often than not, aren't genuine PLR material, having been stolen from non-plr websites.

A lot of really bad articles are easily identified as private label from a mile away having been written by people with really poor writing and language skills. If you can see that an article is badly written and makes no real attempt to cover its promised topic, you can bet the search engines can weed out this trash as well.

Shop for articles that have a distinct range of detail. A good article should read naturally and not appear as if it's been created purely as a keyword holder.

Where To Find Good Plr Articles?

Fortunately, there are a few very reputable sources of quality PLR articles. Some will sell you individual packs while others are membership sites that provide a steady stream of articles to their members for a monthly fee.

Check the quality of their work before you buy.  All reputable PLR sellers will gladly show you a sample or two either on their site or by email.  Check for spelling, grammar and language use in these samples. If the sample articles have grammatical or spelling mistakes, its quite likely your purchases will be equally sloppy.

One excellent private label article site that I've found stands out providing some of the best quality articles I've ever seen online.

All the articles are written by an English teacher and a full-time Internet marketer team, Martin and Delia Avis. With their background, you know the research and writing is excellent. Because this husband and wife team are real Internet marketers, they know how to write articles that work.

Martin and Delia's PLR articles site provides very high quality content as well as keyword research reports. 

Surprisingly, the cost of joining KickStartPLR is still very low...  How long that will last is anyone's guess, but it is bound to go up as demand increases.

Always Re-write PLR Articles!

I did say that PLR makes life easier for you, and it really does. It's much easier to re-write an article using your own wording than it is to write a new article from the ground up. Simply take it one sentence at a time.  The rewrite will save a time and effort, and better yet, the end result will be unique, fresh, relevant and authoritative content on your website which, to the search engines, is exactly what is required. Search engines frown on duplicate content.

What You Can Do With PLR Articles?

You can use plr articles in in numerous ways.

  1. Special Reports:  As examples, combine green PLR articles or foreclosure plr and make them flow into two special reports. Morph each set into a pdf file and give them away to your real estate website visitors.

  2. Email marketing Campaign: If you purchased a bundle of PLR articles centered on a particular topic, it’s very simple to turn them into a real estate ecourse then add them to an auto-responder series of email messages. Something as simple as "Five Kitchen Remodeling Ideas On a Tight Budget" can become a 5 day ecourse to grow a bigger real estate mailing list.

  3. Newsletter Content: Need content for your newsletter? PLR articles are a solution. Of course, if you’re developing a relationship with your readers, you will want to edit and modify the articles to have them sound like you ... (your voice). You can pull out a section from a PLR article as inspiration and whip out a newsletter in minutes.

  4. Direct response marketing is an important prospecting platform for real estate agents.  If you have a list of postal mailing addresses, set up a free report from PLR articles and send it out.

  5. Offline: Rewrite and offer your article to the local newspapers or other offline publications. Naturally, you are going to incorporate a authors resource box with your name and reference to your real estate websites and business.

This is certainly not a conclusive list, but even so, you get the idea.

checkmarkYou can find free content for your sites and blogs at article directories. You must follow the rules outlined in the article directory site. This usually means keeping the authorís contact information and links in the resource box intact and in place.

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