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Real Estate Postcard Marketing Ideas -
Strategies To Increase Your Return On Investment

Direct mail postcard marketing has been a venue used by real estate agents for decades. The reasons why are fairly obvious.

A well defined postcard campaign can be affordable, manageable and effective all at once!

Here are 7 postcard campaign strategies to improve your response rates.

The Plan And Objective

1. Create an overall postcard plan to help you stay on track and on budget. Make sure your marketing budget allows for at least five to eight mailings.

2. Be specific and clearly define the objective of each mailing you send out. For example, "I want to generate X number of responses from qualified prospects." Be realistic. That is, a number of direct responses that one postcard mailing can achieve. Conventional wisdom says that a 2% to 3% response rate is average. (The postcard marketing program I have used brought a 5% to 10% response rate with regularity.)

The Mailing List

3. Be sure the quality of your mailing list is excellent. 40% of your success depends on your list, so invest in a well defined list that targets the audience you want. Get your mailing list from a reputable source. Make sure your message is relevent to your mailing list. Are you targeting Buyers or Sellers? Be sure your list is as current as possible so as to increase deliverability.

The Creative and The Offer

4. Create a high caliber offer. This includes the creative as well as the offer itself. The 40/40/20 rule of direct marketing dictates that 40 percent of your success is dependent on your offer. Your offer should give your target market something they really want with a price tag or other benefit that blows their minds. A free consultation or a free CMA is NOT a good offer. Every agent offers them.

The Call To Action

5. Use a clear call to action. Identify exactly what you want your target market to do when they read your postcard:

          red arrow  Should they call your real estate hotline phone number

          red arrow  Visit a website

          red arrow  Return a form

          red arrow  Go to a physical location

          red arrow  Respond in some other way?

Offer multiple response options if possible.

Some of your postcard recipients might prefer to speak on the phone. Others might be more comfortable visiting a website.

Test And Track Your Postcard Marketing Campaign

6. Test and track results. Sometimes changing one word in your headline can increase your response rate by several percentage points. Always track response so you can make adjustments for your next campaign.

7. Bring value to your postcards. Create a message that solves a problem, presents a solution, and offers value. Find a way to differentiate yourself from all the other real estate agents' postcards. Strive to make people say, "Wow, I'm really glad I got this!"

blue star Differentiate yourself from the competition!

Keep these postcard marketing strategies at the front of your mind when you plan your next postcard marketing campaign. You're bound to see and increase in your (roi)return on investment.

The old theory of direct marketing was the 40/40/20 Rule:

red arrow   40% of a result was due to the list.

red arrow   40% of the result was due to the offer.

red arrow   20% of the result was due to the creative.

Direct mail and telemarketing used this as a rule of thumb for the last couple decades.

Today, the thinking is that:

red arrow 50% of the results are due to the list you send to, the permission you have to speak to them, as well as how targeted the list is.

red arrow 20% of the results are due to the message and/or the offer.

red arrow 20% of the results are due to the landing page and the subsequent service and execution of the product or service you are offering.

red arrow 10% is still the creativity of your marketing campaign.

The creative of your postcard marketing campaign is still very important, however, permission, the message, and the landing page are simply more important than they used to be.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is a very significant portion of every marketing campaign today, but itís NOT owned by the marketer, itís owned by the customer. If you as the real estate marketer, don't deliver on your promises, people will hear about it faster than the time it takes to execute your campaign. Word of mouth marketing will exponentially impact every marketing campaign you launch. If you canít deliver, then donít promise.


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