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Pre Listing Presentation Packages

If you want to emulate today's real estate superstars then a personal "pre listing presentation" package is a real estate marketing tool you need to implement.

Prepare a Solid Pre Listing Presentation

Real estate listing presentations start before you show up at the house. Included here are a few key elements to include in your pre listing presentation:

Be sure to include a brief overview of who you are and your track record in real estate sales. (Sellers are busy. They don't have time to read a huge novel on how great you are.)

Include testimonials from satisfied customers and past clients. (Be sure to get their permission to include them in your pre listing presentation package.) Include phone numbers or e-mail addresses for easy access.

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Dynamic Listing Presentations Kit

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Enclose a confirmation letter confirming time and date for the real estate listing presentation. Ask the seller to assemble important papers like deeds, mortgage documents, tax documents and assements, utility bills, title reports, surveys, condo and townhome declaration documents, and special assessment information.

Seller's Homework Sheet - This could include the list of documents mentioned above as well as any other information you might require to help you efficiently market the property.

Include copies of your direct mail literature. This gives the Sellers a positive sense that you have a complete direct mail program available and designed to begin marketing their home immediately and professionally.

Pre-sell your Web presence. Include copies of your Web site(s), your company website and other websites that you use to enhance your network. List the many places their property will be featured on the Internet. This will help the Seller recognize your extended global marketing strategies and services.

Virtual Tours - Let the Sellers know the benefits of Virtual tours, if you use this resource. You might want to go a step farther and include a copy of a virtual tour disc that features a competitive home with a personalized label, your photo, company and e-mail address. Elaborate for the homeowner how you use these tour discs to promote properties in addition to printed brochures when providing information to interested buyers or other selling agents.

The impact of using pre-listing presentation packages cannot be over-estimated. Have a pre listing presentation that is not only great in content but visually impressive! You will have to spend a few dollars to prepare the package but it's well worth the effort and cost.

Qualify Hard BEFORE the Appointment

Is their desire to sell greater than their desire for a specific price.

Where are they moving to and why?

What is their time frame for moving? There is an interconnection between motivation and price. The higher the motivation, the more realistic the pricing. Conversely, lower motivation usually translates into higher unrealistic pricing.

Is the Seller interviewing other agents? If so, who?
Since most Sellers think real estate agents are all alike, it is vital to separate yourself from the rest. Prepare a list of benefits that is so compelling, Sellers will immediately see that you provide the best opportunity in the marketplace for them to achieve a sale on their home.

How to Create and Deliver a Dynamic Listing Presentation

If you want to get the listing every time, start with a dynamic pre listing package. Step-by-step instructions include:

red arrowDozens of Seller Handouts for the Presentation

red arrowComplete Presentation Package (Letter Templates, Seller Surveys, Market Handouts, Seller Resource Handouts (too many Seller Handouts to list)

red arrowListing Prospect Pre-Qualification Interview Forms & Scripts

red arrowDozens of Scripts to Handle the Presentation

red arrowForms & Checklists for the Listing Presentation

red arrowListing Presentation Evaluation Worksheet (Helps You Perfect Your Presentation)

The 2009 Complete Listings Toolkit™

2009 Listings Toolkit

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