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Prospecting Tips 1:

Work 25 Leads in 2 Hours...
While Laughing Your Tail Off!

Here is one of many prospecting tips from Gary Elwood. You'll kick yourself for not using it before!

25 leads is more than most people produce in 2 weeks. Even 2 months. However, there is one situation where you can generate 25 leads in 2 hours...with a martini in one hand, a smile plastered across your face and a stack of cards in your other hand.

The stack I'm talking about is full of real estate business cards.

That's right...I'm talking about networking events. The country club. The Rotary Club. The Chamber of Commerce. All fabulous places to meet many new people. And have a blast to boot.

Here are seven essential tips you must use to make any networking event a smash.

1.  Arrive early. Before people are engaged in conversations. It's easier to start a conversation than it is to break into one.

2.  Zero in on the wallflowers. You never know what kind of potential is lurking around those shy, quiet types. Never discriminate.

3.  Shake hands firmly.

4.  Wear something out of the ordinary...a top hat or bright orange scarf. When you follow up with the leads mention, "I was the one wearing the top hat." That will ring a bell.

5.  Pick something up. Anything. A tray of drinks or hors d'oeuvres. "Hey, would you like one?" is an excellent way to introduce yourself. And, "Got to keep passing" is an excellent reason to move on to the next person. This trick will help you to keep conversations short.

6.  Memorize your elevator speech.

7.  Be happy...regardless of whether or not you had a tough day. People want to work with upbeat, outgoing people.

Don't drink too much. Sober and in control, you'll stand out.

Stay until the end. The later you stay, the more contacts.

Gary Elwood
Gary Elwood
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