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Prospecting Tips 2:

The Most Effective Way to Increase Your Probability of Success

In my mind, there is only one way to increase your chances for prospecting success, and that's this: reduce the risk for failure.

How do you do that? Simple.

Have you ever heard of the principle of acclimatization? If not, it goes like this:

Put a frog into a boiling pot of water, and he'll jump out. But put him in a pot of room temperature water, slowly raise the heat and within minutes you have boiled frog.

Prospecting is the same way. If you have a prospect on the phone and the first thing out of your mouth is, "Would you like me to sell your home?" the prospect will reject, resist and resent you for the remainder of the conversation.

But if you come in below the radar, the prospect won’t even suspect you.

What should you do to fly low? Provoke curiosity. Here’s how:

When you've just gotten someone on the phone say, "Do you mind if I ask you a question?" Everybody will say, "No, I don't mind." Why? Because their dying to know what you're going to say. And now you’ve lowered their resistance (without them even knowing it) and reduced your risk of failure.

Here are some other ways you can provoke curiosity: "Guess what?" "Do you want to hear a funny story?" or "Is this a bad time to ask you something?"

So the next time you get a prospect on the phone, instead of scaring them out of the pot, ease your way into a great and profitable dialog.

Gary Elwood

Gary Elwood
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