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Prospecting Tips 3:

How To Profit Massively From The Do Not Call List Rules

"You donít wait for the phone to ring; you have to make them ring." ~ Lord Lew Gradeís Theorem

Let me put this prospecting tip into perspective:

October 1, 2003. You innocently called someone on the national Do Not Call list. They reported you. Youíre fined $11,000. To make matters worse youíre in danger of losing your real estate license...all because of one phone call.

A harsh kick in the teeth, isnít it? Unfortunately itís YOUR reality.

But thereís good news. There are powerful, clear-cut, proven strategies that completely eliminate all of these issues. And they actually enable you to profit massively while your competition trembles in fear of these "limiting" rules.

See, when people CALL YOU it doesnít matter if theyíre on the "Do Not Call" list. If they pick up the phone and call you or your MPT hotline...youíre free to call them as many times as you like within 90 days.


Itís because an inquiry falls under the "prior business relationship" aspect of the FCC and FTC rulings.

The only exception is this: during a call, if they ask you not to call anymore you are required to take them off your list.

Whatís the moral of the story?
Get people to pick up the phone and call you.
How do you do that?
Use the "New Rules" Real Estate Marketing System.

Hereís one example of how an agent of ours uses the "New Rules" to smash through the "Do Not Call" rules and beat his competition to the prospect 90-95% of the time.

Craig Plantz, a client in Fort Collins, CO, uses it to generate over two hundred leads a month. The cool thing is he converts more than one third of them into warm inbound lead calls asking him questions and wanting his help... all while remaining completely within the law.

He advertises his listings using a specially designed sign rider that incorporates his "New Rules" response hotline. When an interested prospect calls his hotline, they hear a 40-45 second audio tour of the home.

At the end of the recording, Craig leaves a short message like this:

"Because conditions are changing so rapidly in our market, itís not possible for me to keep current prices on this home updated daily, so if you would like pricing information, simply press 0 and I will be happy to get you current pricing information."

This super-simple tactic compels over one third of his "New Rules" leads to transfer and speak to him directly. With over 200 leads a month, heís connecting with 70 or more warm, interested prospects every single month...and completely eliminating any fear or concern of crossing the Fedís laws.

How about that for making the phone ring?

Gary Elwood

Gary Elwood
Proquest Technologies®
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