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Prospecting Tips 4:

What is the Smallest Action in an Agentís Business that will Produce the Greatest Return?

A follow-up call.

But itís not that easy.

You need to plan when you will make follow-up calls. Whether itís follow up on call capture leads or up desk calls, the timing is critical.

Research has proven that within 30 minutes from the original call, a caller is the most interested they will ever be.

Mary Ann Falzone, call center consultant and President of Falzone and Associates, says, "To succeed, the telephone element must be a budgeted, integrated, well planned component of all marketing efforts...If [follow-up calls] are added as a last minute afterthought when you or somebody on your team realizes, ĎHey, donít we need to take those calls?í the effort usually falls apart."

So eat that frog: polish those scripts and make those follow-up calls as quickly as possible.

Gary Elwood

Gary Elwood
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real estate marketing tools

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