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Prospecting Tips 5:

Ten Power-Packed Prospecting Pointers

We’ve tested a lot of prospecting tips and ideas with leading agents in the field. These ten are our gems, collected over the last 8 years.

Although you may be a polished prospector, you’ll probably find several of these pointers useful. In fact, I'll bet my paycheck on it.

checkmark Focus on quantity: Real estate leads are the lifeblood of your sales career. You can never have enough of them.

checkmark Focus on consistency: a steady supply of qualified real estate leads can help you avoid slumps and plateaus.

checkmark Focus on quality: when you have a steady flow of leads, your objective is to disqualify quickly, skillfully and professionally.

checkmark Do it now: don't procrastinate.
Contact those leads you’ve generated by call capture immediately. It's the fastest single way to boost your sales and listings.

checkmark Treat prospecting with respect: avoid time wasting through sloppy or hap hazardous prospecting.

checkmark Remain alert for "suspects": cultivate relationships with everyone who can give you leads or open doors for you. (Otherwise called referral marketing.)

checkmark Squeeze referrals out of clients: make it your policy to always secure at least 5 referrals from satisfied customers. (Also called referral marketing.)

checkmark Stay in contact with real estate leads: you never know when your prospect’s motivation to buy or list will suddenly change.

checkmark Develop phone manners: learn to use the phone in a professional, pleasant manner. Then use it regularly.

checkmark Secure referrals from "suspects": or better yet, get them to make contact for you.

The key is to remain on your toes at all times: stay alert, focused and deliberate, and you'll easily see the steady stream of real estate leads right in front of you.

Gary Elwood

Gary Elwood
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