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Real Estate Action Plan

A Checklist Of Activities For Real Estate Agents.

By creating a daily real estate action plan, agents can be more effective during their work day and week. We all have the same 1440 minutes every-day, no more, no less. How is it that some agents can accomplish so much and others so little given the same amount of time?

If you work with an assistant or partner, you can delegate some of the activities in your real estate action plan and achieve more.

A Simple Real Estate Action Plan


  By When



1. Read and review my business plan weekly. (Yes, that is w-e-e-k-l-y, not w-e-a-k-l-y. If you donít have a business plan, itís time to get one asap. It will truly help you get focused and provide you with a road map to follow.)


2. Ask Manager/Mentor to monitor my performance against my business plan to keep me       accountable in achieving my goals, or hire a real estate coach to hone skills.      
3. Prepare and learn Scripts for my Listing Presentations.      
4. Role play with colleague/spouse my listing presentation to constantly re-enforce and refine.      
5. Make ________cold calls per week/_______per day as per my day timer/PDA.      
6. Contact _________Expiries per week as per my day timer/PDA.      
7. Contact ________FSBO's per week as scheduled.      
8. Listen to Motivational tapes/CD's      
9. Attend __________motivational and instructional seminars per year.      
10. Create and learn scripts to overcome "I want to think about it" objections.      
11. Contact _________Expiries per week.      
12. Contact _________FSBO's per week.      
13. Hold _________good Open Houses per week.      
14. Mail out __________pieces of personalized promotional material. (per week/month)      
15. Contact _________Centers of Influence per week.      
16. Send out a Four Year follow-up program to all clients.      
17. Mail Out __________Newsletter to Centers of Influence and past clients. (week/month)      
18. Preview ___________new listings per week.      
19. Visit other agents' open houses.      
20. Attend all sales meetings, share ideas and promote listings.      
21. Totally familiarize myself both physically and statistically with my market area.      
22. Contact ________Absentee Owners per month.      
23. Save "OLD" FSBO ads and contact later (6 months - 1 year) to see if still for sale.      
24. Save "OLD" Expiries and contact later (6 months - 1 year).      
25. Check properties "For Rent" ads, contact owner regarding marketing plan.      
26. Research ownership of vacant lots and contact owners regarding marketing plan.      
27. Contact ________ Real Estate Developers per month regarding projects - explain developers package.      
28. Contact _______ Builders per month on site regarding marketing plan.      
29. Contact and cultivate Relocation Managers and Coordinators.      
30. Contact __________ Bank managers/Mortgage Brokers every two months and ask for business.      
31. Cultivate inter-office referrals by personal visits to other offices.      
32. Send follow-up card/phone call after showing competitors listing.      
33. Phone my Sellers once a week with update report - ask for price reduction every two weeks.      
34. Create and learn scripts to overcome pricing objections.      

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Performance increase averages for Agents:

red arrow bullet  Annual GCI increase in excess of $100,000

red arrow bullet  Number of listings taken increased 52%

red arrow bullet  Number of buyer controlled sales increased 23%

red arrow bullet  Time worked by Agents reduced 14%

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checkmarkTip: Along with your real estate action plan, budget your business expenses, plan your time and write down your goals. Develop real estate marketing plans and track your efforts. It's senseless to continue spending money and effort on strategies that have a low return on investment.


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