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Real estate articles are an excellent source of marketing ideas. If you can find just one simple Realtor tip or idea from these real estate articles, that triggers a new real estate marketing strategy then we're thrilled.

You already know that you need to prospect, list, negotiate and sell.
The question is, can you find ways and means to perform these functions in a less stressful, more efficient and enjoyable manner?

Napoleon Hill saw the wisdom in linking arms and sharing with others when he wrote "Think and Grow Rich". Developers, attorneys, accountants, Realtors, builders and a bankers, understand Hill's philosophy and are willing to share their experiences in the real estate.

Have You written real estate articles that might be relevant for real estate agents and their business?

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These real estate articles can offer you some guidance. They can point you in the right/new direction or dramatically change how you do business!

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quote openWe need to understand that thoughts are tools. Are we using them as productively as we can? Are our thoughts serving us well, or are we their victims?
It's up to us.quote close
~ Dr. Tom Morris: Business speaker; chairman of Morris Institute for Human Values

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Hot Realty Tips For Agents

Point To Ponder

Picture a person who has been occupied for 20 years with getting listings and selling houses.

Get a listing. Sell a house.
Get a listing. Sell a house.

Repeat for 20 years.
That's a treadmill habit that becomes very hard to ADJUST (not "break"... adjust).
Now, suddenly, think long-term and invest time with no IMMEDIATE return in ...
       C T P M
~ Ken Evoy

Watch Ken's TV clip! ..

He keeps it real!

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