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Do You Have A Real Estate Blog?

How Is Your Blog Working For You?

There are very few agents currently using a real estate blog as a tool in their real estate marketing plan.

The thinking might be, because they already have a real estate website, a blog is simply a waste of time.

Another reason for not blogging may simply be not understanding the value and power of this medium.

Blogging is one of the easiest, most cost effective and powerful real estate marketing ideas to come along in a long time.

Buyers and sellers are already looking for real estate information on the Internet. With a good real estate blog, you are meeting them on their turf AND giving them the information that they have been searching for and need.

There are a number of benefits to blogging as well as a few Do's and Don'ts.

Some Random Real Estate Blogging Tips & Marketing Strategies

      checkmarkReal estate blogging allows you to become the expert in your area. You keep the public informed as to what is happening in the real estate industry and in the neighborhoods that interest your visitor.

      checkmarkBy providing current information that visitors canít get anywhere else about the market conditions in your area, you will soon become their real estate expert.

      checkmarkAllow for comments on your real estate blog. By allowing readers to comment and ask questions, you manage to engage active participation and increase your credibility as the expert in your market.

      checkmarkIt requires a consistent posting schedule. Schedule 30 minutes a day of your time to post to your blog.

      checkmarkThe best blogs are written in a conversational style and convey quality information. Keep your blog entries simple and easy to understand.

Most newspapers and magazines are written at a middle school level for a reason. This is so readers can easily understand the writing. If you use lingo and acronyms specific to the real estate industry, make sure you explain the meaning. Even people in the real estate industry will appreciate more simplistic writing.

      checkmarkPick a topic and stick to it. Gather good, current, usable information from reliable sources. If the purpose of your blog is to provide real estate investment tips for new investors stick to the topic of real estate investments.

If your blog is taylored to first time home buyers, focus on that aspect of the market.

      checkmarkItís becoming increasingly difficult to gain website exposure. Ranking with search engines is a science that can be hard to master.

One of the ways to improve your search engine ranking is to post frequently. The more frequently you update content on your blog, the more search engines will look at your blog for relevance. The number of posts also has an impact on how your blog ranks with search engines.

Even if you arenít relying on search engine as a marketing strategy for your real estate blog, your readers will still be looking for frequent updates to your content.

      checkmarkOne of the most basic rules of writing can be applied to posting on a blog. That rule is proofreading. Check your posts for spelling and grammar errors that could cause readers to question the validity of your content. Make sure that sentences flow and transition smoothly from one to the next.

      checkmarkBlog marketing is a very cost effective form of online real estate marketing. A good hosting provider such as Bluehost can auto install a Wordpress blog in minutes, and the cost is ridiculously affordable.

      checkmarkWhy not start your Real Estate Blog right now?

Stay abreast of other real estate related blogs to make sure that you continue to offer fresh, original content to your readers!

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Real Estate Blog System

Many jump into real estate blogging, but very few are getting any results! Why? Some believe you have to be a good writer so they never start. Other real estate agents believe itís just too technical. The reality is that you DONíT have to be a good writer and if you can type then you can be a blogger.

In order to get transactions from your blogging efforts, itís important to discover the methods that will get your blog filled with traffic and getting visitors wanting to reach out and connect with you. In the real estate blog system we share with you the methods of easy writing, the schedule you need to be successful (itís less time than you think) and where to start so you can have success from your very first day. We invite you to discover more and take our FREE 5 Day Blogging course.

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