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Do You Need To Own Your Own Virtual Real Estate Property?

Real estate blogs are vital real estate marketing tools. They give you the chance to own your very own piece of virtual real estate property on the Internet. Many agents overlook this fact and it can affect their chances of success. Much like you would advise a new couple on the advantages of owning versus renting their own home, so should you heed your own advice and own your own real estate website.

You see, most of the real estate sites that are available are coming from a company that makes templates specifically designed for agents. In the Internet world these are referred to as "cookie cutter websites". That means that you are getting a template that many other agents are using as well. On top of that, these sites are hosted on the company site and you are in fact leasing or renting it from them.

In order to own your own website you must have your own host and domain name. If you don't have this, your site does not truly belong to you. While renting a site can be convenient, it is much like renting a home. You do not have the same freedom to work with the site and you are never going to own it.

Owning Virtual Real Estate

Virtual real estate can be very lucrative just like physical properties can be. When you have real estate blogs or real estate website that you own, you are developing your property and adding a small addition to it every time you make a post. This makes your blog more valuable, and in the long run it can even be sold.

You can renovate your own blog much like you can your own house. You can fix it up the way you want it to be and make corrections at will. You are the owner and the boss and everything you do is going towards your own piece of virtual real estate.

Real Estate Blogs For Clients

It is time to step up to the plate and realize that the vast majority of people that are currently looking for a new home, townhouse, piece of land or condo are turning to the Internet to find it. If you have a site that is not showing up on the first page or even second page of the major search engines like Google, guess who these people are finding? That's right, it's your competition. Even if you have an incredible real estate website, its value is basically worthless if people can't find it.

What's more, these sites have a hard time ranking in Google. If you have your own domain name and own one of these templates that are used across the board for agents, it can still be very difficult to appear on the first or second page of Google due to the design of the site. You are losing customers by not setting up your own real estate blogs as assets. You are counting on a rental agreement between you and the company that is supplying the site and you do not have the same control over your website. Also, if you stop paying the rental fee, your site disappears and so does any of the content you have added to it.

What Is The Answer?

If you already have a real estate website that is connected to the MLS(R) listings from a company that sells cookie-cutter sites, your best bet is to start your own blog and link back to your current site. This means that you would add some content to your blog and then send your customers back to your website to view the properties for sale. By ranking your real estate blogs so that people can see them, you will have clients calling you and heading back to your main site to see what's available.

Real estate blogging is powerful - it can give you the results you want very quickly and the best thing is... you will own it!

Don't Have The Time To Maintain Real Estate Blogs?

A lot of agents simply don't have the time to maintain their own blog or have no idea how to get one started. Successful real estate blogs must have content added to them on a regular basis to keep them fresh. Search engines like Google love to see fresh, new content being added regularly.

How can you possibly keep a blog running on your own if you are a busy agent that is running from client to client and home to home?

There is a service available that will set up one of your real estate blogs and maintain it with 15 quality real estate articles every month. The monthly price is set at only $50 per month and this includes:

  • the setup of your real estate blog,
  • your own domain name and
  • 15 articles added monthly.
  • This is an incredible value and you would have a hard time finding any company that would charge less than $200 or more for this monthly service.

    Think about this for a moment. A unique article is posted to your site for you, every other day. The researched keywords and phrases are targeted to your real estate market!

    Cathy is limiting the real estate blogs per target market to ONE, so for example if you want her to create an Orlando real estate blog for you, and she has that quota filled, you will have missed the boat for her services.

    If this service is something you want to look into, fill out the form below and Cathy will contact you with more details.

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