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Real estate developers and real estate development represent a key component of our economy. A vibrant real estate sector boosts demand and demand boosts the need to develop real estate.

Developing real estate has been an intimidating niche market for many agents. Let's face it ... it's intimidating for most people.

Colm Dillon, a $1.2 billion master developer, has written on the subject here. As well, he has written one of the best "How To" books ever written in non-tech language available today titled: Residential Real Estate Development Made Easy.

He definitely removes any fear or intimidation about real estate development. After reading his step by step instructions, anyone could become a real estate developer.

How To Become...
A Real Estate Developer

To begin with, we need to start with you and what's 'driving' you. Because if the driving force is there you can achieve anything.

Your driving force is the foundation to your motivation. I am not talking about the motivation you get out of reading a motivational book.

I am talking about the essence of you and where you see your place in the world.

The real estate development work you'll undertake has three main outcomes:

1. You are creating beautiful homes for people who'll be living in your creation, long after you're are gone.

2. The actual work you'll do is pleasurable ... I get a real 'buzz' when I start a new development.

3. After all this personal pleasure, you get 'congratulated' by having money put into your bank account to increase your wealth.

So overall learning how to become a real estate developer seem to have a great outcome, making a pretty good package to me ... that's my experience anyway.

Let's understand, that there is nothing I have to teach you on how to become a real estate developer, that is such an intellectual mountain, that it is beyond the scope of everyone of normal intelligence.

What you have to learn is that it's just 'different,' that's all.

Increase Your Knowledge

I am all about increasing your Knowledge ... increase knowledge on many aspects of real estate development. The old phrase, 'knowledge is power' only became old, because it is true.

Here's one I have used for a long time ...

Spending Money Is Easy ... Anyone Can Do It.
Getting It Back ... Plus A Bit More, For Profit; That's A Bit More Difficult!

To Achieve That Goal You Spend Your Money In A Controlled Programmed Way Based On Knowledge while learning how to become a real estate developer.

So acquiring 'that knowledge' is putting money in your pocket as sure as night follows day.

I can only cover a few items here on this page on what I cover when teaching you how to become a developer.

Market Research.

The good news is that there are many things you can start doing 'right now.' In my ebook I get you started immediately on your own 'Market Research.'

I tell you to turn this activity into a pleasurably experience ... but one that is carried out regularly and with a system behind it.

Learning how to become a real estate developer involves finding a formula that works ... and repeating it.

Don't worry, this is not a factory, there is plenty of variety for you, but that variety rides on a well worked out method. OK?

For example if you are going to build some condos in a specific location, I want you to visit every current development; not just when they are finished and looking fabulous ... I want you to see them at several stages during of construction.

These developments show you the best 'your' current market has to offer. Now your job, as part of learning how to become a real estate developer, has several aspects to it.

One aspect is to not only assess the current opposition product, but to use that experience, to create ideas that will improve your design.

Just repeating what is already being offered in the market is not good enough ... this is where you add you're own brand of personal magic, and that reflects your unique style.

You only 'form' these ideas by KNOWING your opposition's product backwards. By feeding your mind on this stuff, your subconscious takes over, and you start creating.

Now while learning how to become a real estate developer, you must develop the creative side of your nature.

Now don't put the 'bar' so high for yourself, that it is impossible to clear it. But remember, your development is "YOURS" it is not the architects, the engineers or the builders - it's yours.

So while you have all these professionals around you, don't get caught up in their 'tech'language ... just explain what you want in your terms ... and it's their job to interpret your wishes. OK?

So you see this is just one aspect of the work you will do ... but I'll just teach you to do it in a structured and more disciplined way, as you learn how to become a developer of real estate.

Land Acquisition.

Like everything in life, there is a correct way to do this and there is the other way, but I'll teach you the right way in how to become a real estate developer.

I show you the right way as well as a step-by-step method of negotiating a purchase yourself, if you elect not to use an agent.

Handy stuff, even if you don't ever use it, because you can use this knowledge to help you assess the agent who represents you.

Design Consultants.

Who are they ... what do they do for you ... and when to use them?

All these topics are covered, which puts you far ahead of many of those in the business now who learnt the hard way while struggling to learn how to become a developer.

Remember your are really 'in training' to be a Development Manager for your own Self Managed Project, as you proceed through my process on how to become a real estate developer.

So that means you are training to manage resources, both physical, human and financial to achieve your goals.

Remember you don't have to be the expert in everything, but you have to be a manager of experts. And that is why you need to know how to use these guys, which is all part of learning how to become a developer.

Development Applications. (DA for short)

What are they? ... why do I have to get one? ... do they cost me anything? ... who do I need to get me one? etc. etc.

In most Town Plans in most cities, towns, shires where they have them, the people elected over a period of time, have determined how they want their town to look ... the environmental feel of the place.

So now you come along and buy a old house, on a large block of land, in an area zoned for individual residential homes.

As far as you are concerned the house is dilapidated (beyond renovation) and the land could fit four modern, well-designed townhouses, each with more usable living space than the original old house design.

Well, to be able to create those four townhouses you need to get permission and that's what a DA is all about.

I will also take you through a full explanation of all the terms we use plus:

red arrow How to do a Feasibility Study ...

red arrow How to establish a development team of your own ...

red arrow Importantly, how they work together ...

red arrow How to get the best out of them ...

red arrow What your manner should be ...

red arrow How to go about selecting a builder ...

red arrow How to get a building price; the best way ... and so much more.

At the end I actually take you through a 'step-by-step' residential real estate development project as though I was doing it myself.

If you have never applied for development finance before, I not only tell you how ... I also include a template of an application that you can use ... you can make alterations to it to reflect your own project.

Like everything you do in your 'other life' ... there is a right way and the 'other way.'

If you do things the right way, you are treated better ... get a better result ... get it quicker and leave a very good impression behind you, which helps a lot with your next development.

People go through their lives leaving 'foot prints' of their attitude ... their work practices, their ethics, that ultimately become their Track Record.

I am sure you agree having the word 'excellent' in front of those two words is the only way to go. That's what I am all about in teaching you how to become a real estate developer ... make my life easier and the same for you. Now I want you to click on the following link.

It will take you to a list of the Topic Headings that show you the range of subjects I cover in my ebook.

Don't be daunted, I write in non-tech language and give my explanations in every day language.

Learn how to become a Real Estate Developer - The Right Way The First Time. ~ Colm Dillon

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