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Not All Real Estate Hotlines Are Created Equal!

Your current real estate hotlines, 24-Hour info line, or toll-free call capture system could be costing you $5,000-$10,000 a month... or more!

Whether you call them real estate hotlines, 800 numbers, call capture system or a real estate toll free system, many agents find the service an effective tool in their real estate marketing arsenal.

In my opinion, these 'Toll-free Services' or '24-Hour Real Estate Response Hotlines' will just not work for everyone. That's a bold statement but allow me to explain.

Although they generate a lot of leads, the success of these 24-hour real estate response hotlines rests on the realtor converting those leads into closed transactions.

The features of real estate response hotlines can vary from one service provider to another. Inferior service with poor customer support usually translates into poor return on your real estate hotlines investment.

Once you (with the help of customer support), are comfortable with operating the real estate hotline systems, it is simply a matter of converting leads to transactions. You can't blame the real estate hotlines for your inability to convert leads.

Once you are comfortable with handling the volume of leads and have a contact management system in place to do that, the real estate hotlines or call capture systems, can be a powerful force in your business!

Gary Elwood of Proquest Technologies says:

"If you’re creating 3 to 4 transactions a month with your real estate hotlines and another superior service would help you create 6 to 7 transactions a month – the reality is, your inferior hotline is costing you 2 to 3 transactions every month!

So yes! Right now, right this very minute, you’re real estate hotline is costing you $5,000 to $10,000 a month or more! Let me explain...

There are two types of real estate hotlines...

One is the "box unit" that uses a local caller ID. The other is a response hotline that uses Automatic Number Identification or ANI for short.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

First, the box unit is like shooting yourself in the foot! Why? It only captures about half your leads, the other half of your calls register as "Not Available" just like your Caller ID at home.

Yes, it's a "fixed" cost each month, but you lose nearly half your leads! So the lost income and opportunities negate any "savings" you get from the "fixed" cost.

It's a classic case of tripping over pennies on your way to the dollars!

Now response real estate hotlines, that use ANI, capture the phone number 100% of the time… but... the drawback is they don’t give you a name and address....

Now imagine having the best of both worlds… ANI 100% call capture and a high quality **very reliable and accurate** name and address feature.

If you want to catch a lot of fish, you have to use the right bait!

**With The Right System**
You'll Unleash Massive Growth... Guaranteed!"

Thanks so much for your incredible hotline service. It beats the heck out of the other system I tried plus it’s super easy to use. Their system was so techy and confusing." - Jim Estes, Coldwell Banker -

The agent downloads his leads from the service (or has the system fax the leads to him automatically) and imports them directly into his Top Producer or Agent Office contact manager - then he mails them a letter once a month until they do something!

It’s quick, simple, and easy! And he produces A TON OF BUSINESS FROM IT!

Simple mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars... every single month!

Good real estate hotlines services give you the benefit of accurate names and addresses, capturing the phone number 100% of the time and on approximately 65%-70% of the calls we give you accurate names and addresses... at no additional cost! The accuracy of the names and addresses is remarkable.

Building your database is an asset that you will be able to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Think about it!

If you add 100-200 names of "warm" prospects, prospects who are part of the active market place, each and every month, within two years your database will have over 2,000 names in it! How much is that worth?

If you build an asset that continually and perpetually yields 10-20 transactions a month how much is that worth? On a monthly basis it’s worth $30,000 to $60,000 or more in gross revenue. But on a valuation basis, it makes your business worth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars!

So with our service you can be turning more transactions each and every month and… you’ll be building an asset that you can sell and retire from.

So, it’s time! Honestly, don’t you think it’s time to get everything you can from your real estate hotlines? To produce less than is possible because you’ve got an inferior service is truly shameful when you know there’s a better alternative!

My suggestion…
Within 48 hours we can have your new real estate hotlines up and running, your new marketing materials in your hands, and your database growing every day with accurate names and addresses!

We’re talking about a higher quality service that will help you create more transactions every month!

I’m very anxious to serve you and your business building needs! I look forward to hearing from you… and as always I remain respectfully and appreciatively...

Yours for a more profitable real estate business!"

Warm regards,
Gary Elwood Signature

Gary Elwood Picture

Gary Elwood
Proquest Technologies, Inc

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