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The Fundamentals Of Real Estate Marketing Online

Real estate marketing online is a very different process than marketing offline.

Info savvy consumers have become increasingly skilled at using the Internet as a research tool.

Realtors who have tapped into this new research tool with success, appreciate the different process required.

Lets break 'real estate marketing online' down with a simple
"Push - Pull" comparison to illustrate the point.

magnet pulling people
<= Push - Pull =>

Marketing Real Estate Offline - Push Information through the following tools: flyers, postcards, cold calling etc..

Real Estate Marketing Online - Pull site visitors using real estate websites with high usability that engage and keep more first-time visitors, earn more repeat visitors, and enjoy a higher ROI. That return on investment can be measured by sales, phone calls, downloads or subscriptions.

Your website must be able to PULL! It must be able to draw people in with web site content that site visitors find valuable.

The obvious goal of a real estate marketing website is to motivate or persuade the site visitor - reader, towards the desired goal.

You want your website to generate deals for you, but you may not know where to start with your real estate marketing online. You are here because you want to have an online presence earning money for you.

Marketing experts say ..."Talk about benefits NOT features!"

At first glance, that may sound like an obvious statement, but it is often a difficult concept to grasp ... especially in real estate.

Lets break it down this way:

You and your real estate expertise are Features!

Let's be very clear, real estate prospects are NOT looking for YOU or your expertise as they begin their research.

How To:
Write Content For Your Site

Sit down to write a short article to answer each of the common questions to the left, based on your marketplace. Add your written answers to your website. Voila!

You have just created 12 unique pages to add to your real estate website. You can certainly think of more questions that potential buyers and sellers ask you everyday. More about writing articles and content here.

They are looking for answers to their questions such as:

  • How much house can I afford?
  • What are all the costs and fees associated with a purchase?
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • Should I rent or buy a house?
  • How do I get the best price for my house?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of New Homes vs Resales
  • How do I adjust for my pending retirement?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of buying an investment property?
  • Where are the good neighborhoods?
  • Are termites or pollution an issue in this area?
  • What mistakes should I avoid?
  • What is the best mortgage deal for me?
  • And the list can go on. They are looking for INFORMATION and lots of it!

The benefit to a site visitor-prospect is INFORMATION!

Real estate marketing online is about providing benefits by answering their questions. When you talk benefits, you're showing an interest in the site visitors needs. Your expertise will flow through your willingness to provide those answers and that's the best way to PULL and engage your site visitors.

Real estate marketing online is about separating yourself from the rest of the agents who are online.

You can soon set yourself apart from your competitors and generate a constant stream of eager site visitors by being the source of unique information about your market.

If you are providing valuable information through your real estate website, other site owners and businesses will refer your site to their customers. Quality, related referrals(links) to your site add to your credibility, just as an offline referral does, and we can all agree, good quality referrals are the best!

Real Estate Marketing Online:
  • If your site has the cookie-cutter content and information the service provider supplied, you have not set yourself apart or established credibility.
  • If your page headlines are the cookie-cutter ones provided, you have NOT set yourself apart.
  • Web surfers can find that same duplicated content or headline hundreds if not thousands of times. (Search Google for the term: "6 buyer mistakes" to see what I mean.)
  • The major search engines are not kind to duplicate content sites, to put it mildly, so your site may never be found through natural searches.

Do some research on your own or hire an expert who knows how to build a website for real estate marketing online, because if you’ve got the best looking website in the world but no one is visiting it, then you’re just wasting money.

A View Of Real Estate Marketing Online From An Expert

"Large real estate companies (ex., Century 21) have no clue how to use the Net to generate high volumes of traffic for their individual sales agents. They try to use offline models/strategies on the Net... with predictably dismal results.

Worse still, they are so paralyzed at a corporate/technological/sysadmin level that it will be at least five years before they begin to figure out how to empower their agents.

Yes, the Net is becoming a useful real estate demonstration tool -- virtual tours of homes are very nice, and a valuable sales adjunct. But not enough people are finding them.

The Web has so much more potential than being a 21st century brochure.

Watch Ken's TV clip! .. SBI TV

Keeping it real!

Meanwhile, it's up to the individual agent to sink or swim. Most are sinking. They put up a Web site and then include the "www" in their business cards and offline ads.

Instead of sinking like that, choose to swim! There will never be a better, more opportunity-filled time to establish your place on the Net... whether you represent real estate or heavy equipment rentals.

So how can you, as an agent who represents a product or service, take advantage of this situation?

Master Your Niche... Own It!" ~ Ken Evoy

Ken Evoy and the services provided by SiteBuildIt have become my "guru-in-the-ear" when it comes to real estate marketing online. They have a logical, 'no hype' approach to online marketing that resonates with me and thousands of others. Ken's impeccable reputation speaks volumes, as does his sincere desire to help you achieve success. Do you want proof? That's easy...

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quote openPicture a person who has been occupied for 20 years with getting listings and selling houses.
Get a listing. Sell a house.
Get a listing. Sell a house.

Repeat for 20 years.

That's a treadmill habit that becomes very hard to ADJUST (not "break"... adjust).
Now, suddenly, think long-term and invest time with no IMMEDIATE return in ...  C T P M
quote close

~ Ken Evoy

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