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Postcard Marketing Kicked Up A Notch!

Real estate marketing postcards are a staple most agents use to promote themselves and/or their businesses. Real estate marketing is really about building relationships and establishing credibility and trust.

Here are several ideas for "kicking up" your real estate marketing postcards from the 'same old - same old' to eye catching responsive pieces that compel prospects to identify themselves.

People don't want to be sold - they want to be informed. They want a benefit!
They want to know... "What's in it for me?"

To gain an advantage over your competition, find one benefit your competition doesn't offer and use it as your main selling point.

Connect your real estate response hotlines with your real estate marketing postcards.

For example:
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Offer your special report "6 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to a Larger Home". Your postcard should include your response hotline number related to that report.

Use problems to attract attention. Find a common problem in your market and use real estate marketing postcards to address it. People will call if they see from your real estate brochure that you might have the solution to their problem.

It's important to give prospects information they can't find anywhere else. If you're the only source, they will contact you.

Supply news stories related to your market. People want current news on the topics they are interested in. You could also include new "how to" articles.

Joint Venture With Your Real Estate Marketing Postcards!

A strategic alliance is when two or more businesses join together for a set period of time. The businesses, usually, are not in direct competition, but have similar products or services that are directed toward the same target audience. A mortgage broker or mortgage lender is an excellent JV partner. Other possible JV partners could include: lawyer, hardware store, appliance/furniture store, paint center, tax consultant, etc.. Think outside the box.

When you form a strategic alliance with other businesses you both will share the advertising and marketing costs. That means your budget will increase so you can do more marketing with your advertising dollars.

You can now offer your existing clients more benefits, products or services as well. This will increase your sales, referrals and profits.

You will be able to beat your competition by marketing to a larger target audience and with more consistency.

You can exchange endorsements with your alliance partners. You'll add more credibility to your business and gain potential customers who will trust enough to contact you.

You could reward your potential customers if they buy or sell a house through you. Tell them if they do, they will be entered into a limited draw for something of value. (Some companies have regular draws for a new car when X number of clients have been entered.) Advertise your draw through real estate marketing postcards.

Make a list of your target audience. Write down what reasons would attract them to buy or list their house through you. Include those reasons in your marketing postcards. Keep a few with you to hang on bulletin boards you see in various shops and grocery stores.

High Readership Content Ideas For Real Estate Marketing Postcards

How To Articles: Include detailed step by step instructions.


  • How to remove mold from bathroom tiles
  • How to refresh patio furniture
  • How to update a room in a weekend for under $100.

Tips: They are usually small pieces of information about the size of a paragraph.


  • Tips on checking your credit score
  • Tips on shopping for a mortgage
  • Tips on doing your taxes
  • Tips on cleaning your oven, windows, removing crayon from walls, etc...

News Articles: They can include news about real estate updates in your community.

Entertaining Content: They include humorous and off beat information.


  • contests
  • quizzes
  • trivia, puzzles, games, cartoons.

Excerpts: They include information used from other resources for different purposes, but can also support your business.


  • journal articles
  • press releases
  • reprints

Most people are curious about things that could affect their current lifestyle. You could use words like "Secret" or "Confidential" in your real estate marketing postcards.

Most people want to invest in their future. Tell your prospects to "invest in your community" - "invest in Mother Earth" or "Invest in your family" rather than "buy a house".

Most people want to solve their problems. Tell your prospects what problems they have and how you can solve them.

Example: "Why are you paying your landlord's mortgage?"

These are just a few ideas for your real estate marketing postcards. Your advantage today is that there are a few excellent printing companies online where you can choose from many different designs and marketing messages or create your own unique message online. Mix and match your designs from one mailing to the next. Keep it fresh and be consistent!

  Profits Lie Hidden In Your Farm! Real Estate Marketing Postcards Can Yield a Fine Crop!

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