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Real Estate Marketing Tools

The right real estate marketing tools, can help you to take advantage of the many changes in the real estate industry today.

Real estate marketing techniques have shifted in recent years at every level of our industry. We've changed from a sales driven industry to a marketing driven industry. It is important to understand the difference between the two, and NOT lump sales and marketing together.

With a strategic business plan and the right real estate marketing tools, there is a window of opportunity to make your fortune as a Realtor – "IF" you know what you're doing.

Some Real Estate Marketing Tools Can Make You A Leader

Our short list of essential real estate marketing tools will enable professionals to maximize their exposure in their chosen farm areas, and attract clients at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.

Each of the real estate marketing tools listed, work well independently however, when used together... Well, let's just say, they are career changing as well as life changing.

Getting Listings Image
Getting Listings: This is a complete turn-key leads generation system that can zero in on any farm area or neighborhood you choose and supplies you with the names of all potential sellers without 'cold calling'. Most agents say they average a 7% to 15% response rate. When have you ever had this kind of response for minimal investment? If you've been looking for a low-cost, low-tech, easy to operate way to generate a predictable stream of prospects, this is for you. This Listing-Getting System can help you take over your town!
Finding Buyers Image

Finding Buyers: Another turn-key system. This package can work hand in glove with the Getting Listings system. It contains everything you'll need to set up and run the exact system Dean Jackson used to generate 3 - 5 transactions a month like clockwork.

You'll love it, and I think you'll especially love the feeling of having people calling YOU instead of you calling them. If you're used to doing any type of cold calling or working expired listings and FSBO's...this will literally change your life.
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Real Estate Response Hotline:

Used correctly, a real estate hotline can be your 24-7 prospector, generating massive growth in your business. It generates hundreds of homebuyer and seller leads… 500%-700% more than traditional advertising. This bit of technology is an excellent compliment to Getting Listing and Finding Buyers systems.

Why do so many prospects call?

Offering recorded information removes prospects' sales resistance. The Direct Marketing Association did a Gallop Poll and found that 83% of the American public would prefer to call for recorded information before talking to a salesperson. That means four out five people in your market would prefer recorded information.

The two companies we recommend offer excellent services such as call capture, call tracking, Fax-on-Demand and multiple line technology, which means numerous callers can access your 800 number and your sales message at the same time. You don’t lose your prospects to a busy signal. All 800 numbers are active 24x7 from any phone in Canada or the United States.

Proquest Technologies, Inc

Gary Elwood, President of Proquest Technologies has provided numerous real estate marketing tips on this site. He understands real estate marketing better than most. His real estate hotline service is one of the best for our industry.

There's a one-time activation fee of $297, which covers the set-up of your hotline service. Also, with this special offer you get their exclusive "New Rules" Real Estate Marketing Course™ along with three extra free bonuses. The total package has over 200 pages of marketing material, a cassette tape explaining how to strategically apply the service, and a diskette with over 50 different ads, letters, follow up letters, and "free educational reports."

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Excalibur Communications

Excalibur Call Capture has introduced a revolutionary turn-key system that enables Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers to capture and control the Seller, Purchaser, Builder and F.S.B.O. markets.

Their system is easy to employ using a unique and personal toll-free telephone number, programmed with their proprietary Call Capture technology. You'll be up and running in minutes!

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blue star  One of the best and easiest real estate marketing tools to work with is a hotline or a Call Capture system.

Contact Management Software:

We strongly recommend either of two contact management software systems that have been developed by Agents for Agents are: Top Producer 8i and AgentOffice®. TopProducer8i is web-based only, but AgentOffice® can be web-based if you want it accessed that way or desk-top based. Both have numerous features that make handling your leads, prospects, marketing, pending deals and closed transactions effortless. Both are excellent real estate marketing tools. Without a good contact management system, you could very quickly be overwhelmed by the number of leads and prospects you acquire from the other tools recommended.

Real Estate Websites:

Real Estate

The lead capture site that comes with the Getting Listings package is set up for one purpose only: to capture listing leads. (And it does an excellent job of that.) However, a real estate website that creates a long term real estate web presence - that You Own and attracts its own traffic, is the optimal objective. I've discussed the awesome power of SiteBuildIt! the All-In-One-Solution here, but if you want the details 'from the horse's mouth', check out SiteBuildIt! for Real Estate here.

The real estate marketing tools recommended to this point can provide you with an endless supply of leads and prospects.

The following real estate marketing tools and resources will help you master any area of your business that you feel requires better or improved skills.

Real Estate Marketing Tools: Master Your Market & Your Business

Lead Mastery Image

Lead Mastery: Imagine having systems in place and scripts to use that would help you capture, assess, qualify, and follow-up with leads. Lead Qualification System With 81 Proven & Tested Lead Scripts and much more.
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Dynamic Listing Image

How to Create and Deliver a Dynamic Listing Presentation: Techniques to secure the contract through powerful dialogues, closing techniques, and trial closes.
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Foreclosure Mastery Image

Foreclosure Mastery: How to generate new leads & listings by mastering: Foreclosure Lead Capture, Foreclosure Lead Qualification, and Foreclosure Lead Conversion.
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Objection Handler Image

How to Become a Champion Objection Handler: The most powerful program ever created on Objection Handling! Get to the bottom line - Identify, Isolate, then Overcome. Deliver the right dialogue with Conviction, Power, Pace, and Authority!
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Five Steps Image

Five Steps to Having Your Best Year Ever: If you're half way through the year or coming down to the wire, don't let that hold you back. Commit today to do things a little differently from this day forward.
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Objection Handling

Objection Handling: Learn to power plan and to be effective, not just efficient. Learn to apply the power of sales ratios to explode your business to the next level.
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Survivor Sales Image

Survivor Sales Skills: We are all dependant on our sales skills to find success. The basic fundamentals of sales and what real estate marketing tools, characteristics, and behaviors accompany a great salesperson . You will learn to sell homes quickly and effectively.
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Convert,Commit Buyer Image

Convert and Commit the Buyer... Every Time! The vast majority of agents in North American do more transactions on the buyer side than the seller side. You need to now make sure that you are converting on every possibility you have in the marketplace. Every viable lead that is created must be converted to íncome producing closed transactions. This program is conservatively worth an extra $100,000 in gross commission income for you! Don't miss your chance at mastering control and commitment of your buyer's prospects.
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Protect Commission Image

How to Protect Your Commission - Commission cutting is rampant across the country, and the proliferation of the "Fee Discounters" is very prominent. Even without these discount brokers, in most markets, there are more Agents willing to take listings at substantial discounts - more so than ever before. The brokers and Agents who are cutting their fees are affecting everyone because the average Agent isn't equipped to protect their commission. You will learn "How to Protect Your Commission", so you'll beat the fee discounters at their own game and achieve a higher level of commission.
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Creating Market Dominance Image

Creating Market Dominance: A champion wants to dominate the competition and gain a larger market share in the process. A champion wants to create competitive points of difference that lead to a competitive advantage over the competition.
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New Agent Jump Start Image

New Agent Jump Start Package includes:
  • "Your 1st Year in Real Estate" Book,
  • "The Five Steps to Having Your Best Year Ever" Series,
  • "Lead Mastery" Series,
  • "How to Create & Deliver a Dynamic Listing Presentation" Series,
  • "Convert & Commit the Buyer... Every Time!" Series, and
  • "Jump Start Your Production" e-Book.
An excellent complement of real estate marketing tools for the rookie agent.
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Complete Training Library Image

Complete Training Library Real estate success through comprehensive, systemized training.
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Sales Skills Power Package Image

Sales Skills Power Package:
  • "How to Increase Your Income by $100K" Streaming Audio,
  • "7 Smart Ways to Explode Your Production" Streaming Audio,
  • "Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies®" book,
  • "Lead Mastery" Series,
  • "Convert & Commit the Buyer... Every Time!" Series,
  • "How to Create and Deliver a Dynamic Listing Presentation" Series,
  • "Survivor Sales Skills" Series, and
  • "Objection Handling" Series.
A suite of real estate marketing tools you need to check out.
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Champion Agent Power Package Image

Champion Agent Power Package: The Champion Agent Power Package is a suite of real estate marketing tools that includes:
  • "Mindset of a Champion" Streaming Audio,
  • "Blueprint for Success" Streaming Audio and e-Book,
  • "The Champion Real Estate Agent" Book,
  • "Champion's Guide to the Perfect Assistant" Book,
  • "Lead Mastery" Series,
  • "Create and Deliver a Dynamic Listing Presentation" Series
  • "Objection Handling" Series,
  • "How to Become a Champion Objection Handler" Series,
  • "How to Protect Your Commission" Series, and
  • "Creating Market Dominance" Series.
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Success Trio Image

The Success Trio: If you could master lead generation, convert and commit those leads to an appointment, deliver a dynamic listing presentation, and then use these secrets to convert and commit the buyer every time... You'll have all the pieces you need to solve the great success puzzle in the Real Estate Sales Process.
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Tough Times Survival Kit Image

Tough Times Survival Kit includes:
  • "Survivor Sales Skills" Series,
  • "Creating Market Dominance" Series, and
  • "How to Protect Your Commission" Series.
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Objection Handling Mastery Image

Objection Handling MasteryTM What's the single biggest stumbling block for Real Estate Agents with a prospect? OBJECTIONS! We all hate them and for most of us, if we aren't prepared for them, they stop us dead in our tracks. At the very least, they make us lose our train of thought and put us in a retreat mode. You can't close a deal when you are running from objections. That's why this Turn-Key Objection Handling Training Program is worth your consideration.
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Realtor Car Companion
The REALTOR®'s Ultimate Car Companion: All Real Estate Agents spend countless hours in their vehicles; I was and still am one of them. It's not just time driving either. Our cars are often our primary offices, and we need to maximize the time we spend in them in order to get the most out of our day. So, if you're tired of wasting your time in the car and would rather invest the time gaining "Golden Nuggets of Real Estate Wisdom", take a peek at this new program.
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