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Profits Lie Hidden In Your Farm!

Real estate postcards are an easy and low-cost way to build a listing farm. (For definition, a listing farm is a geographic area where you build relationships with the residents.)

We would all like to be 'Top Listers'. You have no doubt heard ... list to last. For most agents though, reality is another matter.

To be a Top Lister, you need to:
  •      Create a lot of listing appointments
  •      Know your Personal Value Proposition or your USP
  •      Have a focus on target markets
  •      Have systems for handling listings
  •      Constantly prospect and market for listings
  •      Continuously seek training
  •      Constantly work with new ideas and concepts
  •      Ask open ended emotional questions
  •      Be into curiosity ... but have a mission.

Now we've established the basics for being an effective top producing listing agent.

How can real estate postcards compliment your real estate marketing efforts?

Post cards are an effective tool in helping you:

red arrowZero in on target markets

red arrowGenerate leads with post card marketing

red arrowFollow up with your real estate hotline leads

red arrowPromote special events with postcards

red arrowImprove customer relationships with postcards or real estate flyers

red arrowDrive traffic to your Web site by having your URL on all real estate postcards and all other marketing products.

red arrowIncrease sales

red arrowIntroduce new products or services

red arrowAnd much more ...

Real Estate Postcard Marketing Budget

Create a budget and plan that will allow you to have real estate marketing materials delivered - mailed to your target market. Select a geographic farm size that you will be able to service, and maintain consistent contact with each home. For example, a geographic area of 500 homes is a good starting number.

Real Estate Postcards - Marketing Plan:

Here's a do-able and very effective high impact, high saturation marketing tactic that will put you in the 'top of minds position' within an eight week period.

The 8 x 8 Tactic - Send one postcard or other marketing piece per week for eight weeks to your targeted market or selected geographic farm area. This plan will launch your name in that targeted market or geographic farm area.

Be sure the postcard has a call to action such as:

red arrow   'for more information visit '

red arrow   'to order the Free report: "30 Valuable Tips That You Should Know to Get Your Home Sold Fast and for Top Dollar"

If you have effectively 'touched' your target market eight times in a two-month period, the phone will start ringing. You can vary your mailings with:
       1. Letter of introduction. Include your business card.
       2. Personal marketing brochure or resume. Include your business card.
       3. Inspirational postcard or story
       4. Mail a real estate article
       5. Mail a real estate investment tip or article
       6. Recipe postcard
       7. Mail a household, family or financial tip
       8. Mail a fridge magnet (with emergency telephone numbers)
(These are just examples. I'm sure you have a few ideas of your own.)

After that first eight-week touch program, reduce the touches/contacts to two or three per month. Include:

red arrow  Just Listed postcards

red arrow  Listing Facts-Sheets/Brochures

red arrow  Open Houses - marketing brochure and/or postcards

red arrow  Just Sold postcards or flyers

red arrow  New Neighbor Introductions

red arrow  Phone Calls are a good touch or contact as well

Don't limit yourself by refusing to factor into your marketing plan a compelling campaign with real estate postcards and other real estate marketing products that leverage your postcard marketing efforts.

Consistency is the biggest issue with real estate postcards and marketing.

Make a committed decision to be consistent in your marketing distribution efforts. Make this a priority each and every day. If you don't have the time or team to consistently distribute your marketing material and real estate postcards, hire a reputable company that will do it for you.

There are a few excellent companies who will print your postcards and mail them for you at your pre-selected times. Delegating that job to a reputable company will free you up from the guilt of having your real estate postcards "aging quietly and ineffectively" in the trunk or back seat of your car. winkicon

checkmark  Check out these tips for creating a 'personal touch' with real estate postcards and direct mail marketing!

FYI ...

"Marketing is not something you do TO people, it's something you do FOR people. Marketing is the service of helping people make the best possible decision." ~ George Silverman
The term "marketing" isn't just for marketers. It's a part of our everyday lives. We are all marketers on some level; whether we are selling our ideas to our school board, local church or in front of a group at our office, the truth is, virtually every interaction we have has an element of marketing. The only marketing that works effectively is that which helps people make informed decisions. George Silverman's audio program The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing is your fastest direct route to learning and understanding marketing that informs and helps people, whether it is marketing products, services, your ideas, or even yourself.

The Secrets of Word-of-mouth Marketing - Harness the Most Powerful, Persuasive Force in the Marketplace


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