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The Real Estate Resume

What does your real estate resume say about you?

As a real estate agent, your resume had better show others how well you do your job. Sure, listing your skills and abilities is helpful, but would you like to know what REALLY gets attention?

Accomplishments show others what you are capable of doing. Accomplishments tell the whole story.

A Real Estate Agent Resume has to focus on what you have done well in the past. It must focus on successful sales, outstanding communication, fast results and more! Does your real estate resume show all of that?

When a person or family is interested in selling their home, they are looking for someone who can sell it quickly and for a great price. If you want them to hire you to sell their house, then you have to show them how you can do the job better than anyone else.

The first thing that you must focus on is your knowledge of the neighborhood and the market factors that affect the sales of homes in the local area. If you can convince a home seller of this, then you will garner their trust.

When working with buyers, you must show an extreme sense of compassion and understanding for what they are looking for. Listening is essential. When you can convey to the home buyer that you will keep their needs first and foremost in your mind, then you will find them easier to work with and you'll be much better prepared to find the right kind of home for them.

How do you convey all of this on a resume?
Don't think of your real estate resume as a single piece of paper. Use a number of marketing tools to clarify your accomplishments, skills, awards and success working with clients.

The key is to show, rather than tell. Testimonials are wonderful, too. If you can get past clients to write a brief note detailing their experience with you, you will have a much better chance of convincing new clients to work with you.

Think of a real estate agent resume as including these items:

  • a list of accomplishments, awards, goals reached, sales figures and so on
  • a resume detailing your experience, education (much like a "real" resume)
  • a lovely array of testimonials from past clients

Your resume must stand out from the crowd if you are to gain the trust of new clients. You know that the field is highly competitive, so you have to do everything you can to keep a steady client base of sellers and buyers year-round.

A real estate agent resume is made up of a variety of marketing pieces, all of which are designed to attract new clients. Make sure your real estate resume materials are in top form and you'll help to ensure your success for years to come.

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