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Real Estate Scripts And Dialogues - Product Reviews

The most successful agents use real estate scripts to help their clients effectively make decisions. So do real estate scripts really work? In a word, YES.

There are only a limited number of objections a prospect, real estate buyer or seller can have. If you have an answer for every objection, you can swiftly move forward in your presentations.

We have listed a few script packages for real estate agents along with their strengths and faults. If you have used any of these scripts and have comments or other recommendations, you are welcome to do so at the bottom of this page.

Real Estate Scripts - Potential Buyer Objections

Here are comments from two agents about the real estate scripts from BuyerScripts:

They have a complete step by step buyer’s system and the thing that I love about it most is they make it so simple. I listened to their Buyer’s CD series and I kid you not in the first week of implementing their system I got 3 buyers appointments off my sign calls.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but I learned from them how important scripts are, to answer clients objections in a way I never knew before...." ~ Emily Sumner, Long Beach Keller Williams

"I am a buyer agent and I was beating myself up with dealing with buyers who wasted my time and were not serious. I heard about the Buyer Script program and thought it would not hurt to at least see what they had to offer.

After I listened to the CD it sounded so simple I was very skeptical however I was determined to try it. I used their script on my next 3 buyer calls and booked 3 appointments that same week. I was in shock and thought it can't be this easy.

I then got mad at myself for not using this program sooner. Thank you for this information and if anyone has a doubt about the program they should call me." Frank Grasso, Realtor Prudential Florida Realty

Objection Handling MasteryTM - With Dirk Zeller

Objection Handling Mastery "With 125 scripts, this program gives you numerous choices of scripts to use for just about every objection you'll ever hear as an Agent." ~ Dirk Zeller, CEO

Here are comments from two agents about the real estate scripts from Dirk Zeller's Real Estate Champions:

"I took two new listings in the first 10 days after getting your "Objection Handling" series. The sellers threw a number of objections at me, and I handled them perfectly. They also asked me to cut my commission.

They asked, "Why should I hire you?" and "What is your marketing plan?". Because of the CDs, flash cards, and workbook, I answered all of their questions with confidence. I never knew what to say or how to deliver what I was saying before I got this program.

I know I would have never gotten those listings without this program. Thanks for your help." Rich Purvis, RE/MAX Midland, Midland, MI

"Your series on handling objections has done wonders for my business and career. Before listening to your series and practicing objections, I would go on five listing appointments and take one listing. NOT A GOOD AVERAGE. I used to dread going on listing appointments for one reason and one reason only: The seller would give me objections to the sale. I didn't have the answer, and I would try to fast-talk my way around the question. I'd leave the appointment depressed and questioning myself as to why I am wasting my time in this business.

I'm happy to say that, out of five appointments I take four listings now because of the "Objection Handling" series. Most importantly, I look forward to the listing appointments!

On a recent appointment with a seller, the objections were coming at me from the left and right. After handling all of the seller's objections, she became very quiet and looked at me. She didn't say a word for what seemed like an eternity and finally asked, 'Why don't I see your signs in my neighborhood?' She had a funny grin on her face as if to say, 'You can't handle this one.' I did, and left with the sale! I can't help thinking where I would be if I took this first step two years ago?" ~ John E. Hess, Shear Realty, Victorville, CA

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What Are Your Thoughts On Real Estate Scripts?

Have you purchased any real estate script packages? Do you have a great story or comment about scripts? Share it!


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