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Real Estate Training Through Mastery Learning

Real estate training can take many forms. Many brokerages offer training programs. Local real estate boards also provide for continuing education courses. What we are going to discuss here is a different approach to real estate training.

Mastery Learning And Training

The simplest way to describe mastery learning is when a person achieves the understanding and the ability to perform certain skills in a subject area, then moves forward only after showing a high competency level in the newly acquired skills.

Learning through mastery is a process of building one strength on another strength, by fully mastering each area of the business before moving on to the next. Each new block of expertise is firmly supported by the solid blocks of expertise beneath it.

"Once mastery gaps develop, they must be filled or any further learning in that subject becomes more and more overwhelming. Since people can achieve mastery only at their own speed, and only by using their own learning style, when they are forced to move at a speed that is wrong for them, or when they do not make the learning their own through their own learning style, gaps develop that impact everything they attempt to learn from that point on." ~ Dr. Carolee Cameron Duckworth

In general, mastery learning programs have been shown to lead to higher achievement as compared to more traditional forms of real estate training. Mastery learning for real estate agents has nothing to do with how slick your advertising is or how much time you have spent in the business.

Real Estate Training - Self Paced Learning With Programmed Materials

Although mastery learning can be implemented as an instructor-paced group instruction or one on one tutoring, independent learning with objectives organized into smaller units, allows a more motivated person to progress at their own pace.

So how can someone who is new to the real estate industry successfully navigate their way through all the 'real estate madness', to become master Realtor? Here are three simple yet highly effective steps to accomplish this.

1. Decide what your career goals are and what you want to achieve financially.

2. Find a real estate coach with a proven system that has a track record to produce the kind of results you hope to have.

3. Join that mentor/real estate coach and be willing to learn. Become a student of the business as well as a student of their proven real estate training system.

These three steps have been used by most top producers who continue to earn big money in real estate.

There are many reason's why many agents fail to reach their goals. The difference between failure and success, mediocrity and greatness, is generally a fine line.

A Real Estate Coach/Mentor ... And Then Some!

Dirk Zeller is recognized as a premier coach for the real estate industry. He has developed a mastery learning system that takes "regular" Agents and "regular" Managers and transforms them into Champion agents and managers.

Dirk's coaching systems are built around his own success as one of the Top Agents in all of North America.

Dirk believes that anyone can achieve excellence in life and business. His presentations and workshops are backed by experience in real estate, advertising, sales and as a professional athlete. His "First Year In Real Estate" book on real estate sales is the most widely read "how to" book for beginning Agents.

He developed an in-the-trenches, system of real estate training that encompasses every aspect of an agent's business and life. Many industry insiders have described him as the most successful agent in terms of high production with life balance.

His Coaching and Training Systems are managed with experienced and successful real estate coaching staff in markets everywhere, deliver the specific knowledge to compete and the communication skills to win in your marketplace.

Mastery learning works, because his real estate training systems allow you to learn and master each element of the business at your own speed.

New Agent Jump Start Package

  • "Your 1st Year in Real Estate" Book
  • "The Five Steps to Having Your Best Year Ever" Series
  • "Lead Mastery" Series
  • "How to Create & Deliver a Dynamic Listing Presentation" Series
  • "Convert & Commit the Buyer... Every Time!" Series
  • "Jump Start Your Production" e-Book
  • new agent jumpstart package

    An excellent complement of real estate marketing tools for the rookie agent.

    Objection Handling MasteryTM

    The single biggest stumbling block for Real Estate Agents with a prospect is OBJECTIONS! You can't close a deal when you are running from objections. That's why this turn-key objection handling training program is so valuable.
    objection handling

    The Success Trio

    If you could master:
  • lead generation,
  • convert and commit those leads to an appointment,
  • deliver a dynamic listing presentation, and then
  • use these secrets to convert and commit the buyer every time...
  • You'll have all the pieces you need to solve the great success puzzle in the real estate sales process.
    success trio

    The Champion Agent's Ultimate Listing Presentation Manual

    "If the top producing agent in your marketplace offered to let you use his/her listing presentation and tactics as your own, what would that be worth to you?" Finally Revealed: The exact Listing and Pre-listing Presentation Package (Ready-to-Print) and Tactics That Dirk Zeller Developed and Used to Sell 150+ Homes a Year, and an Average Agent Used to Achieve..."

    With an effective and proper Listing Presentation Process (and just as important - the PRE-listing Package), you'll have the realistic ability to sell 9 out of 10 homes you list in a shorter amount of time, and have the seller excited and eager to work with you over your competition before you even meet with them...

    listing manual

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    Notable Quotes

    quote openThe fact is, everyone is in sales. Whatever area you work in, you do have clients and you do need to sell.quote close

    ~ Jay Abraham


    Foreclosure Mastery

    Foreclosure Mastery Image

    How to generate new leads & listings by mastering:
    checkmarkForeclosure Lead Capture
    checkmarkForeclosure Lead Qualification
    checkmarkForeclosure Lead Conversion
    learn more image

    Tough Times Survival Kit

    tough times survival kit

    checkmarkSurvivor Sales Skills Series
    checkmarkCreating Market Dominance Series
    checkmarkHow to Protect Your Commission Series
    learn more image

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