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Real estate websites are one of the many current real estate marketing tools in use today. And, most agents have at least one site.

However, are you aware that 98% of all new web sites FAIL! And many people, real estate agents or others, spend thousands of dollars and waste years working on a web sites that are doomed to fail.

The Internet isn't some magical way to become super rich overnight nor is it fad that is going away any time soon. But if you get it right, it can totally change your real estate career and your life.

On the web, real estate prospects don't just happen to wander past. You need to attract visitors to your site or more precisely you need to use the correct tools to attract them.

Real Estate Websites Without TRAFFIC Are Very Expensive Hidden Billboards!

A large number of real estate web sites can be classified as 'template sites' provided to brokers and agents by their franchise. These sites are ready to go with 'generic stock content'. Although possibly well written, this stock content will never rank as well with the search engines as unique content will. Nor will these sites set you apart from the crowd of similar sites or appeal to your specific location and audience.

Yes, it does take time and effort to create original content but the rewards are worth it.

SBI Video Tour!

There are several companies that offer packages of tools to build sites. Here is an overview of my favorite suite of tools for building real estate websites simply because you can quickly see the results and proof of success Site Build It provides.

checkmarkIf you already have real estate sites, check out your site's Internet ranking to see how it compares.

checkmarkSite Build It will register your chosen domain name and automatically renew your domain name for you at at the end of the year.

checkmarkYour subscription price also includes hosting.

checkmarkThe keyword research tool called BrainStormIt helps you identify the profitable keywords in your niche and location.

checkmarkThe online page builder makes it easy to create real estate web sites without HTML knowledge, but you can also use your own editor.

When you finish a page, Site Build It will check the page and make suggestions on how to optimize the page for the search engines.

checkmarkThe video or written manuals take you step by step through the brainstorming and research stages and then detailed descriptions of how to build your pages and your site.

checkmarkSite Built It! will submit the pages you build to the main search engines.

checkmarkA built-in tracking module will keep track of where your pages rank in the search engines.

checkmarkShould you plan pay per click (PPC) marketing, Site Build It helps walk you through.

checkmarkThe traffic stats module details the number of people visiting your site and how they found your site.

checkmarkYou can send out your own ezine or newsletter, capture visitors e-mail addresses and build up a list of valued prospects to follow up.

If you think it all sounds fantastic BUT you "just don't have time" then let the highly qualified SiteSell Services Specialists do it for you. The team of certified service specialists are all experienced SBI users and can work with you to create the best of your real estate sites.

Site Build It! is an all-in-one solution that has everything you will need to build and run a successful real estate website. I highly recommend it for those who want the convenience of a site builder without the hassles of dealing with HTML code.

The following resources will give you more details on the power of SiteBuildIt! the All-In-One-Solution


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Moneymaker websites

When it comes to real estate websites, the Moneymaker™ website is probably the best kept secret. It is easily customizable to any market area or real estate specialization. Change anything you like any time you want. With Moneymaker™ you are in control.

Check out the Moneymaker™ Site Benefits now.

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