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What exactly are real estate website keywords and how can you use them?

Keywords are the words people use to search for something. Prospective customers who are in the research phase of either buying or selling real estate turn to the internet for answers and information.

If you want them to find the information from your real estate website, you need to know exactly what words they are using in their research for information.

Using good keywords are the foundation of any well search engine optimized site. The best way to find and select the most searched for real estate website keywords is by doing some research.

You can start your research with Google. Use their free Keyword Tool to find real estate website keywords. Enter a keyword or phrase such as "real estate" and see the list of variables or alternate terms that are related and the volume or number of searches in the last month as well as the past year. Keep in mind, this is just a starting point.

As you may have already discovered, the competition, or number of websites that use this keyword is astronomical, so your site will have little chance to rank well in the search engines for that term.

Go Local - Find Geo Targeted Keywords

Your better option would be to focus on real estate website keywords or phrases that are specifically used by people to get information about the town or part of the city in which you work. Targeting a smaller market within a larger market would provide you with a smaller result, but more targeted site visitors.

For example, the city of Toronto is a very large real estate market. Most Realtors work in targeted areas of the city so, finding keywords that would zone in on specific areas such as High Park, Etobicoke, Scarborough or North York would be preferrable. Traffic to the site would be lower but far more focused.

Having a list of real estate website keywords is an absolute MUST to produce and build focused content. People are searching the web everyday for specific content about real estate. You need to know what words they use in their search, then funnel them to your website with your written words.

A keyword service that stays on top of all the latest developments and usually has contracts with all the major keyword providers is Nichebot. If you are really, truly interested in picking winning keywords on a consistent basis, do yourself a favor and check out this service.

Do you know whether you are really picking winning real estate website keywords when you do your keyword research?

The thing is, how can you really know when all you get is one number that represents a count over a specific period of time? How do you know whether the demand is old interest or new interest?

The point is, with most sources, you don't!

It's absolutely stellar the way you can now sneak a peak into the trend of specific real estate website keywords and long tail keywords.

And I'm not talking about looking into a keyword's history for the last few months. Let's talk more like over the past year!

A total month-by-month breakdown that let's you see the peaks and valleys of month-by-month demand for any keyword.

The sheer craziness of this is that it costs about 3 cents a keyword to get what's called a WordTrend™.

Want to see it? Take the entire tour, because there's a lot more.

You probably already know you can look deeper into an internet keyword or phrase, but it takes multiple tools and browser windows to open. Not so with what we're about to show you.

See exactly how you can pick winning real estate website keywords every single time ... and you can literally do this blindfolded. Well, not really, but close enough.

You can also download The Keyword Jackpot Report. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read it now.

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