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What Does Your Realtor Closing Gift Say....About You?

On average, $54.22 is spent on a Realtor closing gift, according to NAR-(National Association of Realtors).

Some agents never buy a closing gift.

Others incorporate very useful promotional products as part of the gift and an added measure to their ongoing marketing mix.

Over the years, agents have bought an assortment of real estate closing gifts or house warming gifts as each new gift idea came and went.

Agent competition is fierce. Hard work and good service needs to be remembered by your clients! A well thought out Realtor closing gift will help you stay visible long after the sale!

Thank You Cookie Gift Box

One agent has a real estate closing gift idea: She delivers a unique, personalized real estate closing gift right at closing. A week later she delivers "something flashy, always with balloons," to the client at work. "It catches the attention of other people in the office and gives the client a reason to tell other people about me," she says.
This effort has resulted in five closed deals through one client's office alone!

Be A Thoughtful Giver - Deciding to give a real estate closing gift is the easy part. Making the gift selection work for you takes thought!

In your search and selection of the right Realtor closing gift, consider the following:

  • Cost. Don't "cheap" out on gifts. Make sure the gift is something your recipients will actually appreciate receiving. The home's selling price and buyers' affluence should help guide you as to what's appropriate to spend and give.
  • A Personal Touch. Even though it takes more time and effort to select, a personalized gift can say much about how much you appreciate the client.
  • Follow-up. A giving strategy, in which you regularly follow up with tokens of appreciation, cards, or friendly calls can effectively reinforce the good will generated by your gift.
  • Give a real estate closing gift that is a genuine 'thank you appreciation gift'.
  • Give original, unique thank you gifts.
  • Give a gift that will last and is unforgettable.
  • Give a realtor closing gift that bestows positive energy on the recipient's home.
  • Give a real estate closing gift that is seen every day.
  • Select a closing gift that reminds them of you every day!
  • Give a real estate closing gift that will have their friends and family asking about it and about you!

Realtor Closing Gift Ideas

For your convenience, I sourced some of the finest online shops from which to select quality house warming gifts. Most offer you the opportunity to buy a personalized Realtor closing gift icon ....

Note: There are a few unique real estate closing gift ideas here that you could incorporate into a phenomenal marketing strategy in your community or farm area... Give it some thought.

  • is known for creating gift baskets of the highest quality. Send Gift Baskets.

  • More Closing Gift Ideas

    Remember, gift items may vary according to the type and amount of business the recipient has provided to you. Include appropriate notes with the gifts to ensure the recipient knows who they are from.

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