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Are You Ready For Real Estate Agent Training Or A Life Coach?

Realtor coaches have been available for a long time. They have been called trainers, real estate coaches, consultants, managers, counselors and mentors, and have helped real estate agents achieve phenominal results.

If we look at another type of business - sports, which is major business throughout the world today, coaching is not an option. It is simply part of the sports system.

In any type of organized sport whether amateur or professional, 100% of the participants use coaching not only as a means of learning and growing ... but as a method of staying on track to achieve the goals set by either the individual or the team. Coaches are often the critical factor between winning and losing.

So what exactly do these sports/real estate coaches do for the teams or individuals they are counselling? The answer is very simple ... they teach, remind, monitor, and hold people accountable to the goals that have been set. The coach teaches the skills or what we would call the basics required to do that job on a daily basis.

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They provide real estate agent training, not only on the skills required to go to the next level of performance but also in maintaining a level of confidence.

Whether you are making 10 transactions a year or 100 transactions a year, a realtor coach works with you on the skills required to help you reach the highest level of production possible for you.

The real estate coach monitors performance so that proper adjustments can be made in order for the agent to stay on track and start succeeding or continue and improve a winning plan. By monitoring, a coach can check which skills are lacking or which skills need to be developed.

The realtor coach also holds the individual accountable to the goals that have been set. This way progress can be charted and the proper adjustments made in relationship to the skills.

Real estate training and coaching has always been a critical part of the learning/success process.

The more receptive you are to learning new ideas and techniques, the better the real estate coach will be at coaching and so ... the better your results will be. Does Coaching Work 100% of the Time? No!

Letís look at a few reasons why Realtor Coaching can work:

Attitude is everything. It is true that "we become what we think about most of the time". (That can be a frightening thought...   )
Allowing a poor/negative attitude to creep into day-to-day thinking is harmful and then coaching won't work. We know for a fact that a positive, constructive attitude can lead a team, a company or an individual to greatness and success.

Clearly defined goals and objectives. - Set by you and the Realtor Coach. Clearly defined objectives not only define where you are going, but also what you have to do to get there. The Real Estate Coach or the individual who does not understand the importance of clearly defined goals and objectives is doomed to failure or, at best, mediocrity.

Skills - Skills being taught daily. If a person has clearly defined goals, then certain skills are required to keep them on track to achieve those goals. Your real estate coach identifies the skills required and you must take the time to learn and/or hone these skills, or the chances for great advancement are slim.

Practice Time. - Practice until the attitudes, activities, and skills become part of the subconscious mind. A realtor coach who does not require strict practice routines is going to fail and so will you.


Curtis Strange ... two time U.S. Open Golf Champion, said, 'A professional golfer finishes a round of golf and then goes to practice for 30 to 60 minutes to work on their skills - the amateur completes a round of golf and goes to the restaurant or the bar.'

Avoid Complacency ... It's a terrible disease that keeps us from growing or moving forward. Being satisfied with the status quo is the easiest way to eliminate growth from anything you are doing in life. Complacency is an absolute killer to growth, learning and development ... and as importantly, winning. The real estate coachís job is to identify if complacency exists and then develop a plan to overcome it. The coach has to have the skills to recognize complacency and then, have the ability to shake the individual out of that state. It's not easy, but it has to be done.

A Controlled Ego. An easy way to spend your way to failure and stifle your growth is to work with uncontrolled ego. When you are spending the majority of your time thinking about yourself and nobody else, you will eventually self destruct.

Look at this list carefully and identify if any of these issues are holding you back.

A Realtor coaching relationship takes a lot of hard work, effort, an open mind, and a great attitude to make the process work.

If you can accept the fact that there are no magic pills and that clear thinking, hard work and persistence will solve almost every agentís production problem, then a Realtor coach may be the answer to your current business growth issues.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you really desire to achieve more in this business?
  2. Are you willing to look carefully at the level of skills you presently have?
  3. Are you open to different ways of operating your business?
  4. Are you willing to practice, drill and rehearse on a regular basis?
  5. Are you willing to spend the next 6 to 12 months peeling away some of the old habits you presently have and start replacing them with proven, productive ones?

If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions - a Realtor coach may be for you. There's a little insight into hiring a Realtor Coach here.

There are some excellent real estate articles written by a Realtor coach or two. That may be a good place to start. Get a feel for where their focus and expertise lies. You can often get a very good sense from their "web voice" as to whether you'd be interested in following up and hiring one of them.

Or ... You can "hire" all of them! (and actually watch and listen to them.)

Dr. Denis Waitley says: "This is quite possibly the most important breakthrough to take place in personal education in the last 50 years"

And Jim Rohn says, "Don't join an easy crowd, join a successful crowd, where the expectations are high and the payoff is great".

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