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Relationship Marketing And The Secrets Of Profitable Real Estate Websites

There are many excellent Realtor marketing ideas and you have probably got a few that work for you. Here's one worth considering.

Many agents have several real estate websites. Why?

Your personal agent web site is NOT an effective prospecting tool. (For clarification, I'm referring to your website that has the address: or

Your agent site is where you send prospects AFTER you have started doing business with them or established a rapport. (More about Relationship Marketing here.)

Here are a few Realtor marketing ideas on the subject of real estate websites.

Prospect Marketing:

To reap prospect leads, you have to plant the right seeds. Are you looking for Buyer, Seller or Mortgage prospect leads?

What ever type of prospect you want to reap, you have to establish a relationship with them. (See Relationship Marketing above).

NAR (National Association Of Realtors) points out in it's 'Profile of Homebuyer and Sellers' that 74% of all clients are generated from direct knowledge of the agent or a referral from a trusted source. The report also says that almost 70% of sellers and buyers work with the very first agent they meet.

Real Estate

Here's another NAR statistic that might come as a shocker...
Only 4% of all agents have any sort of reliable marketing system in place for: prospecting, automatic follow-up to close leads, or to encourage word-of-mouth referrals or repeat business.

Translating those statistics, it would appear that:-
The top 4% of agents are capturing 74% of all clients, while the remaining 96% of agents are scrambling and competing for the rest!

So, the question is: Which group are you in?

The facts are clear. You must either have or develop a relationship with the prospects you want. The single biggest reason why someone will do business with you is:

  • They either know you personally
  • Know about you in a positive way
  • Are referred to you by a source they trust.

Make Your Real Estate Websites The Trusted Source!

People/Prospects are on the Internet looking for Information, Information, and More Information. Give them what they want first...The Information! Be the trusted source they get to know in a positive way, and that they refer their friends or family to for reliable information.

So...back to the beginning. These Realtor marketing ideas suggest: You need real estate websites that provide information and capture Buyer Prospects... Or... Seller Prospects Or....
WITHOUT your picture, credentials, awards or testimonials.

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